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Fill of wine of shallow Tan Bai installs the quality in the process to contro
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One, make, system of craft of workshop of perfect fill outfit, management, the skill before becoming good post grooms

Make science, reasonable fill install a workshop to produce operating rules of craft, production above all (refine segment of every every working procedure, production) , let the craft requirement that the worker should achieve clearly, segment of every every working procedure, production should achieve what rate. If wash bottle to should achieve scrub clean, bright, without bilge; The wine body after fill is installed should be achieved clear, transparent, without suspension content, without precipitation; Stick mark to want position reasonable, orderly; Rigor of gland, heal, beautiful, do not leak wine; Adhesive plaster hits want level off, beautiful, do not open glue; Prevent what bogus mark sticks to want position reasonable, beautiful, firm; The bottle inside box (box) number and indicative conform to. Ask to refine only, worker job target is specific, ability makes sure every time operator of the worker adds up to craft to ask, had laid solid foundation for product qualification.

Must ask to before becoming good post, groom according to craft before new worker mount guard. The job that lets new worker make clear place to be engaged in should accomplish what level ability to produce the product that gives qualification, and the basis produces experience, inform new worker aborning easy occurrence problem. Initial stage of new worker mount guard wants to take post by the old worker that operates adroitness, in order to ensure the every time operation of new worker can achieve craft requirement.

2, catch good fill to install what the workshop runs a system each to fulfil the job

Most enterprise has more perfect personnel management system, sanitation management system, quality to examine the administrative system such as the system, but of these systems fulfil often be like person meaning very much. each workshop management only the system has been fulfilled, ability makes sure company product pledges the stability of the quantity rises. The enterprise can establish division of valve of look forward to, write down those who employ a system to fulfil a circumstance according to the facts, arrange regularly to the record, Baconian summary, be revised ceaselessly and perfect each management system, supervise, supervise and urge of each system fulfil, accomplish truly the system can be depended on, the system is depended on surely.

3, the quality awareness that increases a worker ceaselessly, had caught " 3 check " of the system fulfil

The enterprise should be aimed at the particular case of employee, in a planned way, specific aim ground undertakes abiding quality awareness is taught, the every time small operation that makes the worker realises him truly the quality be closely bound up with finished product wine, make the worker realises the quality of the product is in him hand adequately.

Check of self check, each other, only check " 3 check " of the system the premise that fulfilling is enterprise product warranty. The control of quality of product of most small and medium sized business is in charge of by qualitative check division more, the member that rely on qualitative check of a few full-time will do. Qualitative check personnel is busy terribly defeated, the effect often is like person meaning very much however. Carry out a proof, only extensive staff quality awareness gets rising generally, operation of staff every time accomplished self check, examine each other between employee, supervise each other, do not let reject flow into below one working procedure, again together with only the effort of check personnel, the product quality ability of the enterprise rises very quickly quite.
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