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Vinous stores with maturity
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Bottle stores mediumly with maturity

The bishop after bottle matures gradually, ageing begins after achieving groove. Such process is bishop place peculiar, among them life is the briefest can last a few months only, above of discipline of generation of the longest tenability and do not decline, it seems that the life that each bottles of wine has his oneself is itinerary, show different charm as time.

The change of bishop color

Besides wine age meeting affects debauchery outside, breed, climate, a particular year and zymotechnics also can pass through debauchery behave its character. As store the lengthen of time, the color of liquor and rose red wine can be deepened gradually, red wine becomes weaker and weaker.

Bishop changes spicily

All sorts of wine with Protean in mature process bishop are sweet it is the most fascinating part in the process that taste wine. Bishop fragrance cent is: One, the fruit with original grape is sweet, 2, the odour that the grape produces via sending alcohol, 3, age wine is sweet. As the time that store, before two kinds of fragrance will be replaced by age wine sweet place slowly. Be not all bishop to be able to develop an age wine sweet, average white spirit, rosy wine and before Dan Xinggong bishop contains a lot ofclear need two kinds of wine are sweet, very hard however be able to stand one, of two years of above store, the fragrance after some 56 months begins metamorphism.

whole, through the bishop that store in bottle and matures completely, all sorts of essence that its embody are met as time each other are mutual confluence becomes an organic whole, become more harmonious and rich. Through this phase, bishop is about to begin to step down slope, lose fragrance and balance, make backbone of a bottle of dry, deficient, be without the commonplace liquid of glamour.

Bishop stores the optimal condition with maturity

The basis is traditional, dark wet cold cellar is to store vinous is optimal place, but modern city life finds such space not easily. The friends that love alcoholic drink had better drink the wine that buys as soon as possible. It is the optimal condition that puts wine below, the person that let love alcoholic drink understands among them interesting knowledge.

Temperature of optimal of temperature wine cellar is controlled in 11 ℃ about, the most important nevertheless is lasting stability of temperature beard constant, the heat that because temperature changes,causes bilges cold shrink to make bishop the most easily oozy make wine quickens aerification outside cork. Want to be able to maintain constant temperature only so 5 ℃ arrive 20 ℃ are acceptability.

The humidity of 70 ℃ left and right sides is opposite humidity of wine store optimal.

Any lights had better not leave in luminosity wine cellar, avoid to cause the metamorphism of wine.

Ventilated bishop resembles sponge, in often inhaling the smell all round bottle, go? , in wine cellar best can ventilated in case mildew flavour is too heavy, be used to the friend that hides wine in freezer, had better not put too long, lest the flavour of freezer is permeated,arrive in wine.
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