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Use the additive in bishop opportunely
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One, enzymatic concept

Lars: Enzymatic it is a kind of active albumen, it is the crucial factor that any cells maintain normal function, it is the exclusive activator of cellular activation.

Steve: Tell from broad sense, enzymatic it is the egg white that has three-dimensional structure, can promote biologic chemistry to react, quicken corporeal synthesis or decompose a process. With albumen enzymatic for exemple, it can accelerate protein element decompose.

Lars: For example, cellulose is enzymatic be a kind compound enzymatic, can change the biology structure of grape skin quickly, in decomposing grape skin namely colloid with cellulose. What still have a few sort is enzymatic substance of the form before can decomposing gust. Of a few new-style sort enzymatic conduce to release sweet smell, in white wine the effect is more apparent.

2, the concept of additive reachs his to use

Lars: I call additive normally " processing aid " , include yeasty, fungus, Chan Ning enzymatic and clarifier.

Todd: We try to could there be through oak sheet, and the Chan Ning in grape juice or bishop is enzymatic, will improve the quality of wine, make its mouthfeel complaisant and full-bodied. The Chan Ning in bishop is by the grape seed, skin and stalk immerse to ferment and come commonly, because be put within oak bucket,the sheet inside extractive oak coulds there be and perhaps come.

Gust of Chan Ning that more or less can decide wine, structure and quality of a material. The red wine character that lacks Chan Ning is frivolous, without rich sense. The red wine of odd Ning Fengfu can be deposited old, consider giving more meticulous and rich local color.

I prefer to improve vinous in the process that extract juice balanced degree, although had best bacca, also can let its become more outstanding, add Chan Ning among them secretly namely enzymatic.

Steve: Say commonly, we do not use the additive that here mentions, we are paid attention to more optimize gust of district of viticultural, aggrandizement, breed outstanding grape variety. Accordingly, normally we won't depend on additive to remedy vinous flaw.

Although a lot of methods can improve existing bishop quality, but our viewpoint is, besides use ration enzymatic outside improving vinous extraction quality, do not add other substance. Nevertheless, brewing sometimes when making wine of black skin Nuo, also can make coloring element extraction enzymatic.

3, use additive to improve vinous taste or colour and lustre

Todd: We use additive to raise bishop local color, adjust balanced sex of Chan Ning. In the meantime, ferment in red wine in the process, I like to join a large number of small oxygen (Micro-ox) processing bishop, this one process is accompanying oak Chan Ning, enzymatic, yeast to produce effect jointly, make vinous mouthfeel quality of a material fruitier harmonious, color is more stable.

To us character, main purpose raises vinous namely full degree with gust.
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