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Judge a few of bishop character basic standard
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Above all, we must understand, tasting wine is very personal experience, the stand or fall of a bottle of wine, also depend on more or less the be fond of of each one, accordingly, the person that taste wine is evaluated to the actor bad of a bottle of wine, often also existing different view. Want to be able to taste the stand or fall that gives wine truly, still compare of all kinds wine so that by individual tries ceaselessly, absorb pertinent information, talent spirit hereat. Taste this thing, because of the person different. Somebody likes French wave Er much vinous is exquisite, implicative; Somebody likes new world vinous direct and lively. Regard a bishop as lover how we judge quality of a few vinous? The following criterion can offer reference:

1. Aroma? (Smell? / Aroma)

Have an advertisement word, call Wen Xiang knowledge woman, be strong! But perhaps not be all men can be accomplished, but Wen Xiang knows good wine, pass hard, we perhaps can be acquired. The smell of average person can distinguish the odour with more than 100 kinds of different above, move close to goblet, suck greatly, good cocktail party has its special sweet smell. The aroma of wine is the first-rate index when tasting wine, good red wine has very complex taste, won't mingle bad taste or strange flavour. The person that essence of life hereat can go out by the distinction in the process that hears wine even include oak bucket, black cherry, common stock, or other a variety of distinct fragrance.

2. Deepness? (Depth)

A lot of Chinese drink wine delighted like beer, it is a reckless waste of food simply. Good wine, do not answer after the entrance immediately get down, and should flap gently with the tongue, experience the flavour of wine attentively. Grow as time, still can preserve the taste of similar rate, better wine tastes even can increase gradually; Till flavour of a certain time begins to have the sign with weak 減, at this moment again get down bishop.

3. ? Complexity? (Complexity)

alleged and common bishop is not complex, good wine is not drab. Good wine, flavour has two to plant certainly or above, employ a tongue for the first time, may you find black gallon child (Black? Currant) ? Flavour; Have plum taste the 2nd times; Have the taste of approximate pineapple possibly even the 3rd times! For quite a long time, wine expert often suffers from heart consider, search other food taste to describe a complex bishop. But taste this thing can have 100% exact wordings to describe really? Cease does · make an appointment with writing to inferior (Hugh? Johnson) is abused with respect to the person of the same trades that had criticized him with food flavour term describes vinous not professional manner.

4. Time sweet? / ? Aftertaste? (Finish? / ? After-taste? / ? Lingering? / ? Length)

Just as its name implies, what aftertaste points to is get down bishop hind, yu Liu continues to taste to what taste bud arises in the little bishop in oral cavity. This limit harder, but you want to want only, after our Chinese drinks a cup of good tea, can stay with labial tine sweet go describing. Actually same argument also applies to bishop.
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