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Hill pear acid is used mediumly in bishop
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Producing sweet when bishop, hill pear acid is often be regarded as antiseptic uses. The action fighting bacterium of hill pear acid has the ability below the synergism in 2 oxidation sulfur to be able to produce bigger effect only. Allow to use hill pear acid in national level, but the highest set limit to that should note a level in use process, do not exceed bid. In the meantime, should note the concern of precision of hill pear acid and 2 oxidation sulfur, wine, produce Shan Li's acerbity anticorrosive effect adequately thereby.

Hill pear acid is a kind of not saturated fatty acid, without noxiousness, can be absorbed completely by human body. It is had fight yeasty action specially, it is a kind of stable fungus depressor; It can restrain the breed of bishop yeast, efficiency is restrained when isolation air taller; The candy that it can restrain yeast ferments ability and do not kill them. National level GB15037-2006 " bishop " in stipulate the biggest allowance is 200mg/L, various inspection agency all can the presence that check gives Shan Li sick at heart and measure those who decide it to add a capacity. But those who want an attention is, some countries do not allow to import the wine that passes via hill pear acid treatment, accordingly, it is clear to must notice when production exports a product and understand. Shan Li fights yeasty ability acerbitily to meet because of the existence of alcohol strengthen greatly, dan Shanli's acerbity solubility is lesser. We are in actual production process, regular meeting encounters the situation of acerbity Potassium of use hill pear. The author shows the Shan Li that sets according to the standard's acerbity dosage, conversion becomes the use dosage of hill pear acerbity Potassium, will divided too in bishop after bacterium filters, below the diverse demand line that the proposal of hill pear acid or hill pear acerbity Potassium uses dosage to spend by wine (article origin: Network of news of trade of wine of China of · of newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China) watch, offer the reference when person of the same trades are used.

Ask an attention, use how many dose no matter, hill pear acid did not fight bacterial action. Although it can avoid sweet vinous reappearance ferment, but the pollution of acetic acid bacterium that it cannot prevent wine, the lactobacillus that also cannot avoid alcoholic drink is polluted. When hill pear acid disappears, the danger that the bacterium pollutes is met times add, at this moment, bishop has a kind of unpleasant taste, be similar to flavour of sweet Xie You, because already made ethylene 2 alcohol. Hill pear acid can be only below certain alcohol chroma and the circumstance that certain 2 oxidation sulfur exists, ability presents the effect that gives satisfaction. It can enhance latter effect effect, but cannot replace them absolutely.

Solubility of Shan Li acerbity underwater is very not big, its easier dissolve form is hill pear acerbity Potassium. The Shan Li of 270g/L contains acid of 200g/L hill pear in acerbity Potassium solution. Because the solubility of hill pear acid is inferior, toward when be being added in bishop, must take care, should slow add, intense agitate, use loop pump mixes adequately even. In undermentioned condition, hill pear acid can restrain the yeasty activation in bishop effectively:
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