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Garrulous of influence beer yeast coagulates exterior element of the gender a
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1. Yeasty garrulous coagulates the sexual influence to beer production and quality

Yeasty garrulous coagulates the influence of the sexual production to beer and quality is many sided, basically include to reclaim yeastily recycle; Of beer ferment speed is mixed ferment degree; Of beer clarify and filter; Beer gust.

2. Garrulous of influence beer yeast coagulates exterior element of the gender

2.1? Malt

Newest research makes clear, malt in contain a kind of premature garrulous to coagulate (PYF) factor, coagulate to yeasty garrulous the gender produces major effect, malt PYF factor cost is too low cause yeasty garrulous easily to coagulate. PYF value suffers the effect of the element such as the barley breed and quality, craft that make a surname and microbial pollution, because these conditions affect the quality with malt finished product, affect wheat juice constituent then, and from this outspread arrive to produce an effect to yeast. Malt and deliquescent undesirable, amino acid content and composition are not ideal and saccharification force is low and malt quality index blemish, the growth that can cause constituent of juice of the wheat after saccharification to go against yeast breeds and ferment, can cause yeasty and premature garrulous to coagulate to sedimentation even from this.

2.2? Constituent of Mai Zhizhong candy and chroma

Wheat juice is foundation of yeasty barmy material, mai Zhiying raises corporeal lack or nutrient condition suffers be restricted, the hydrophoby that enhances yeasty cell appearance, the garrulous that causes yeast coagulates. But wheat juice concentration is higher, the agglomeration of yeasty cell is more difficult, the agglomeration that contains dextrose to measure yeast of tall juice of high concentration wheat especially is more difficult. Because ferment the free candy element in fluid will coagulate with yeasty garrulous,relevant specific surface albumen is united in wedlock, restrained photograph adjacent yeast candy union gets together through manna between the cell, namely a few candy of Mai Zhizhong coagulate the garrulous that restrains yeast, but different candy coagulates to yeasty garrulous control power different. The garrulous that can restrain New-FLO yeast dextrose, maltose, cane sugar for instance coagulates, and the inhibition of all sorts of candy degree has difference. As ferment undertake ceaselessly, the nutrient material such as dextrose, maltose will be metabolized by yeast extinct, candy restrains force and CO2 wallop abate, in be being produced so advocate the later period in ferment begins, yeast coagulates with respect to garrulous and sedimentation at fermenting bottom of coal tub awl, settling speed also can be accelerated.

2.3? Amino acerbity constituent mixes wheat juice chroma

Amino acid of Mai Zhizhong and a variety of enzymatic coagulate to yeasty garrulous the revulsive effect with have very main. Lack of juice of the wheat when yeasty breed is enough but absorb nitrogen, make yeasty (article origin: Network of news of trade of wine of China of · of newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China) progenitive speed slows, new student cell is little, the garrulous that affects yeast coagulates quality. Current, a lot of beer companies improve country ceaselessly the scale of the auxiliary raw material such as rice, make amino nitrogen level falls, appeared the yeasty garrulous with differ degree coagulates difficult phenomenon, seeking right amount nitrogen source is one of keys with solve Gao Fu to expect beer yeast garrulous coagulates difficult.
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