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Wine of yeast for making hard liquor of different and seasonal aroma produces
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Long-term since, wine of aroma yeast for making hard liquor is produced all the time the conventional technology with distinctive continue to use, manufacturing process is very complex. Production of wine of whole yeast for making hard liquor ferments the process is completed below completely airtight condition, ferment condition is controlled hard, raw material produces wine rate and quality wave motion are bigger. In producing practice, our course fumbles ceaselessly and sum up, be aimed at the climate characteristic that Jilin saves, in clever adjusted burden, control to undertake trying into cellar condition respect.

One, manufacturing burden

Manufacturing burden includes Pei of grain, carapace, grain to compare. This operation has core effect in producing a course. The raw material of different season, different quality, its corresponding burden way is not same also.

1. Cast the adjustment of makings quantity

Pass the addition of raw material or decrease will adjust cellar starch chroma, acidity and moisture, build good microbial ferment environment. Extent of its increase and decrease should be controlled in 10% the left and right sides, otherwise, can destroy brew to produce an environment.

(1) it is commonly at the beginning of July decrease grain. Lift as air temperature, the temperature that enter store sth in a cellar or pit rises gradually, ferment in order to alleviate through decreasing grain speed, already managing commissariat, controlled the synthesis of all sorts of organic acid again, for estivate pressing the platoon laid a foundation.

(2) the platoon rises to add grain at the beginning of Xia Moqiu. Big ester of acid of flooey of the mother that press a platoon is tall, alcohol fraction is small, ferment resistance is great, active is low, it is difficult to often make cellar grain broken bits warms up (warm up extent 3 ℃ , 5 ℃ ) , rate giving wine is low, quality is poor. Increase raw material investment to be able to accelerate loop of estivate mother flooey, aggrandizement new water is joined, reduce cellar acidity, make its hold ability in swimming to increase greatly, brew function bacterium ferments the environment gets ameliorative, rate yield wine and vinosity rise apparently.

2. The adjustment that grain Pei compares

Grain Pei is compared, point to different broken bits second the scale that use food. Usually, grain is in different broken bits second allocate should ask to differ according to seasonal and different, quality will undertake adjustment.

(1) 7, undertook pressing a platoon August. Manufacturing adjustment basically is to protect broken bits to accuse acid, stability gives wine. Enter especially after July, residue must be lowered on craft child amylaceous chroma, control ferments speed, adopt partial broken bits second burden of the flooey that do not have a face.

(2) the first ten days of a month undertook turning discharging in September. This is the difficulty that annual produces, mother flooey quality is poor, the temperature that enter store sth in a cellar or pit is higher, be in commonly 23 ℃ , 25 ℃ left and right sides. Producing the do well burden on conditional adjustment, reduce concentration, enhance its active, administer relatively abominable core territory. Normally second concentration big broken bits answers use cent broken bits flooey, burden complementary with saccharification enzymatic, yeast undertakes face flooey chases after wine.
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