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Grapes fermented glutinous rice builds new technology to summarize
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The introduced to apply in wine industry in recent years a few new technologies of article system, new dressing. Include to carry mud of technique of brewing of technique of brewing of zymotechnics, flash vaporization zymotechnics, cask, small oxygen, wine and yeast from gush dip polysaccharide application technology, new-style dressing uses a technology.

One, carry zymotechnics from gush dip (Auto – Sprinkle? Maceration)

One of critical process of claret brew are the phenol in peel of grape of utmost ground extraction kind element of material, design and color and Chan Ning, in order to obtain the color of claret ideal and mouthfeel, carry keep in storage, old wine, make the product achieves aroma between, between taste, reach the harmony between aroma and taste and equilibrium.

The tradition of claret ferments, it is to use loop, gush to drench, pour the means such as coal tub, implementation canister bottom (or bottom) juice is right upside peel (leather broken bits) gush drenchs, the dip that obtains pair of peel material is carried.

From gush dip formulation a kind of method that is brew claret. It is to use special brew device (Jianimide coal tub Ganimede) , use those who ferment arise in the process to be as high as 40 ~ the dynamical action that / of 50 litres of CO2 promotes grape juice undertakes blandly churns and timing acutely pounds agitate continuously to leather lid, assure to be in do not injure peel is mixed below the premise of kind of seed, collect the good material in the grape effectively, realize pair of phenol inside leather broken bits kind of material mix adequately can accuse dip to carry. Thereby improvement and improve vinous quality.

Its principle is: Red grape wines with dregs fermenting in the process, be fermented by what chuck cools wall of fluid edge canister sinks, encounter taper diaphragmatic, gather along part of center of diaphragmatic face canister. Because diaphragmatic by-pass valve is shut, diaphragmatic collect finishing speech ferments completely the CO2 gas of generation, and be in the neck place of diaphragmatic center form air bubble to rise up. The part with accumulative herein ferments coolingly fluid also as bleb rise. In the others of diaphragmatic center refrigeration ferments fluid continues to sink, pass diaphragmatic neck, with place of diaphragmatic bottom center ferment fluid mixes, wall of canister of refrigeration of diaphragmatic lower cooling chuck is in ferment fluid, what exchange action to also conduce to bottom temperature through convection heat is balanced. Obtain comprehensive and balanced quantity of heat to distributing to be controlled with temperature. Carry the trade of gas of carbon dioxide of the bottom on control, be helpful for balanced fluctuation temperature; Implementation lifts the effective control of process and temperature to dip.

Use this technology: It is to be able to be opposite grape or confiture beforehand macerate, in order to increase fruit is sweet go out with the dissolve of soak content, because ferment,can avoid to start at the same time logy and bring about confiture oxidation to produce brandish ache slightly; 2 be can wine with dregs to ferment add oxygen, with maintaining yeasty abidance vigor makes ferment complete and complete; Grape seed can be discharged to stop in case at any time during fermenting astringent stronger Chan Ningrong makes wine mouthfeel agonized into wine fluid. 3 it is facility construction simple, the operation is convenient and agile, save the sources of energy.
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