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Beware bishop oxidizes
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Bishop is nutrition those who abound is low spend wine, its are able to bear or endure put what degree spends as wine to reduce drop with the heighten of pol. If open bottle hind to save a method undeserved or time is too long, the velum of a hoar can appear in wine fluid surface, it can turn into the alcohol in wine acetic acid and make larynx of bazoo of wine flavour ache slightly, choke, thorn, make wine fluid cloudy, this shows wine is already degenerative cannot drinkable, also can use at making hot food only at most. Not drinkable half bottles when be over answer the plug on the lid is put inside freezer, in order to reduce the interface of wine fluid and oxygen. White wine can be placed 3 - 5 days, red wine can place 7 days or so, quality change is not big.

No matter be bacterial action, or the chemistry of dispute biology action, all concern with temperature great, the inhibition with progenitive to the bacterium low temperature is bigger, and the solubility in wine reduces the oxygen in the air below microtherm, the rate that bishop oxidizes goes delay, but bishop is in freezer store temperature cannot under 0 Celsius, after freezing otherwise, can reduce vinous gust greatly.