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Yangtao fermented glutinous rice makes a technology
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4. Old wine cold lay aside. next glue detached yangtao wine fill enters crock of pottery and porcelain, urge artificially old 6 months. Old wine period temperature control is in 15 ℃ less than, prevent to be contacted with air, lest cause miscellaneous bacterium infection. Take the yangtao wine after old wine canister of person cold lay aside to be in - the temperature of 5 ℃ leaves cold store 5 days above.

5. Fine tuning canister is installed. Yangtao ferments wine is spent in 6-8 commonly between, and ask to amount to 12 degrees in actual production, 18 degrees, 26 degrees, 33 degrees wait the requirement differs, this is about to use immerse former wine or distillation yangtao wine, the degree that wine spends tone to become need. Before fill is installed, coal tub installs equipment, conduit, bottle stopper to wait to undertake steam beforehand antiseptic, use asepsis condition to lay rapid fill outfit next, after fill is installed no longer high temperature is antiseptic, in order to carry the natural special flavor of yangtao wine. Via influencing check qualification hind, stick brand label, the market puts in after packing.

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