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Yangtao fermented glutinous rice makes a technology
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1. Fruit juice ferments.

① ferments pre-treatment. Yangtao classics is grading, purify is sundry with fruit of mildew and rot hind, put into water of going from place to place to rinse, next flay, fructification park crusher broken into 0.5-1 centimeter the fruit of size piece undertake compressing. Fruit broken bits joins vigor pectic enzymatic mix in fruit juice divide evenly, after hour of quiet place 3-4 is handled, classics extraction and compress 2 times juice, twice juice mixes rate giving juice to amount to 65% . Filtrate classics joins acerbity Potassium of pear of 0.5 ‰ hill after sterilization of 75 ℃ instantaneous. (the solution of natrium of sulphurous acid hydrogen that also can add 0.3 ‰ ) with the diatomite of 0.1% , quiet inside stainless steel bucket place after 10 hours, filter.

② fruit juice is adjusted. Bai Sha candy is joined in yangtao fruit juice, make pol is amounted to 15% , acidity 5% .

③ have an inoculation ferments. Load the yangtao juice that adjusts pol and acidity the crock (or stainless steel bucket) 90% of bulk. Join the wine of 0.03% to ferment next do yeast with active. Its add a method is: The wine active that adds 10% capacities toward the Wen Shuizhong of 32 ℃ does yeast, take care to mix even, every other 10 minutes gently agitate, via 25 minutes of activation hind, in adding yangtao juice by the scale of 5% directly sufficient agitate 1 hour. Because be in,fluid of subsequently the makings in fermenting is tasted lukewarm rise fast, can expect to be added in fluid through using coiled pipe coiler to go to cooling water or ferment drop in temperature in cooling water of crock park chuck, will taste lukewarm strict control to be between 18-22 ℃ . Ferment the pol after coming 5 days drops, should complement right now Bai Sha candy, adjust pol to come 1.3% , acidity comes 0.45%-0.5% . Ferment the bucket turns after 7 days, wine of broomcorn of compensatory solid state, adjust wine to spend in 16 degrees of above, in order to enhance wine fluid the counteractive ability to miscellaneous bacterium, yangtao wine is under 18 ℃ via 6 months old wine, make wine body softness elegant.

2. Immerse former wine. Ferment to solve the problem of sweet inadequacy of former wine fruit, introduce sorghum alcoholic drink sufficient dip carries the fruit scent in yangtao. The yangtao that basks in 100 kilogram moisture via rinsing air uses liquor of broomcorn of 57 degrees of above to immerse, bubble takes out filtrate 7 days, crock of lay aside of the filter at the beginning of classics reserves. The yangtao wine of first time filter is complemental wine of broomcorn of 57 degrees of above, continue to immerse 5 days, immerse two wine mixes, the keep in storage that seal a crock 6 months above reserves. Fruit broken bits can ferment again undertake distillation, get distillation wine.

3. Tone leaves mucus first. Will ferment former wine and immerse former wine asks to decide scale is allocated by finished product mix. Press 500 milligram / the dosage that promotes wine, join diatomite gradually in hot water of 10 times 50 ℃ first, do not break agitate, quiet place 16 hours, wait for yangtao alcoholic drink is joined after expanding sufficient agitate, after day of quiet place 15-20, will go up clear liquid undertakes filtering departing.
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