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The influencing factor of beer colloid stability and improvement measure
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Although beer passes pasteurize, but still meet as the elapse of time muddy. This kind muddy be by deliquescent the colloid material in beer causes. To avoid the generation with muddy colloid, we must understand colloid first muddy formation element, find out precautionary measures next.

One, the factor that affects beer colloid stability

1. Oxidation

Below the circumstance of existence having oxygen, the protein in beer and interaction of much more phenolic material, form protein - much more phenolic complex matter. As the elapse of time, the size of complex matter increases ceaselessly, bring about beer colloid thereby muddy.

2. Metallic ion

Iron and copper are to form the person take an active part in with muddy metal. If beer suffers mechanical vibration, can strengthen the contact between iron and cupreous ion and colloid, bring about colloid thereby muddy. Besides iron and cupreous ion, zinc, stannum, aluminium also is to form the participator with muddy beer.

3. Saccharification

Saccharification is a process of solid fluid macerate. The element such as chroma of saccharification time, temperature, fluid wining with dregs, PH, dissolved oxygen all can affect beer colloid stability.

4. Machinery is oscillatory

Mechanical vibration can quicken beer ageing.

5. Illumination

Illumination can make beer oxidation, accelerate the formation of muddy content.

6. High temperature

Beer store temperature is an influence muddy formation main factor, elevatory meeting accelerates temperature reaction process. Accordingly, pasteurize also can accelerate the formation with cloudy colloid.

2, the technology measure that improves beer colloid stability

Lengthen the method of beer expiration period, can try to come true greatly through technology measure. In addition, want to increase the expiration period, the use of stabilizing agent is indispensable also.

1. Beer produces what the process controls oxygen strictly to absorb

Nitrogen is used to keep apart air when saccharification, in order to prevent much more phenolic combustion. Filter wine and fill outfit use carbon dioxide or nitrogen is pressed fully, fill outfit machine uses vacuumize and high pressure 2 times to stimulate bubble to make foam, reduce dissolved oxygen of finished product wine as far as possible. When clear wine, use double effect antioxidant, also be the significant step that avoids beer oxidation.

2. Raw material

(1) choose a skin enzymatic vigor of thin, high protein, protein content is low, deliquescent good malt.

(2) choose the barley with glucoside of design and color and oxalate inferior content.

(3) use low temperature slow and gemmiparous craft, in order to make grain deliquescent and good.

(4) can use starch of rice, corn to wait for complementary makings, in order to reduce the quantity containing nitrogen of beer and the content of many phenolic material.

(5) the leftover alkalinity
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