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The influence with much more phenolic beer and control
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One, the origin with much more phenolic beer

1. Malt reach the complementary makings such as barley, wheat

The much phenol in finished product beer has 70% about, 80% originate malt, malt does much phenol hold malt dry weight about? 0.1% , 0.3% , in Mai Pi of main consist in and burnt bisque, in a few consist in albumen, include acid of glucoside of design and color, catechu to wait. Jump over low, Mai Pi to jump over thick barley with breed protein content commonly, much more phenolic content is higher. Wheat skin much phenol has intense stimulation flavour and acrid. Malt much more phenolic content and barley breed, area, the crown of the year, gemmiparous craft, and malt solubility all has particular concern.

2. Hop

Contain in hops 4% , the much more phenolic material of 10% , it is mixture of crystallization of a kind of blame, it is put in bract and rachis only almost. Hops is much more phenolic by of 20% but hydrolysis material and of 80% but condensation material composition. Content of hops much phenol reachs his to comprise, concern with the element such as requirement of breed, producing area, reserve. General low bitter sweet model hops contains taller sheet to could there be many kinds of phenol. Hops much phenol is malter much more phenolic degree of polymerization is tall, produce reaction more easily in beer brew process, there are a few remains finally in beer.

2, the composition with much more phenolic beer reachs his to be opposite the influence of beer gust and quality, action

1. Odd phenol and young member are much more phenolic

Main acidification having phenol adds up to alcohol of raw material of element of content, design and color, yellow ketone apperception combines acid of content, catechu apperception adds up to content to wait. They have certain reproducibility, it is one of main material that beer fights ageing. If phenolic acidification closes matter, basically be as free as oxygen base action. If their content is very high, also meet polymerization creates beer into macromolecule muddy or precipitation. Among them, yellow ketone compound is to have remove human body the biology activator of freedom radical effect, conduce to the auxiliary cure of disease of heart head blood-vessel, but polymerization of easy also oxidation causes yellow ketone alcohol blame biology is muddy. This kinds of many phenolic content is too low, beer taste few is weak, beer fights ageing ability and nutrient effect to be able to be reduced greatly. Accordingly, the young member that certain amount should retain in beer is much more phenolic, in order to maintain the full-bodied sex of beer and well-developed sense.

2. Sheet coulds there be kind of material

By the element the quantity is 500, the phenol of 3000 kind composition, can generate precipitation with protein union and separate out, the high polymer in dropping wheat juice and beer azotic content, be helpful for the blame biology stability of beer, but rise and drop what precipitation ability follows degree of polymerization somewhat. This kinds of many phenol also has the tendency that produces oxidation, group.
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