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The treatment of red bayberry wine
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(One) technological process

→ of raw material choice cleans → to wring juice → to heat → ferments → allocates → to store up → bottle → is antiseptic.

(2) craft point

1. Raw material choice? ? Choose juice much nucleus is small, the Yang Mei of fresh maturity is raw material.

2. Clean? ? Fructification uses full of clear water of going from place to place 14 ~ 15 minutes, the impurity such as eliminate fruit stalk, branches and leaves.

3. Wring juice? ? Put Yang Mei inside the bucket or the pound inside the crock, wring juice with clean gauze next. Red bayberry fruit gives juice rate to be controlled for 70 % .

4. Heat? ? Enter fruit juice aluminium 70 ~ heat inside boiler 75 ℃ , can make protein etc impurity caky via 15 minutes separate out. Because acidity of red bayberry juice is tall, cannot use iron bowl.

5. Ferment? ? After fruit juice is cooling, absorb upside to clarify fluid with siphon, turn to ferment inside the crock. Every 100 kilograms of fruit juice add distiller's yeast 2 ~ 3 kilograms, mix lid of good crock of divide evenly rear cover, maintain room temperature to be in 28 ℃ of 25 ~ , 3 ~ after 4 days, wine is spent can amount to 5 ~ 6 degrees. The disinfection that fume sulfur all wants before fermenting appliance is used entirely.

6. Allocate? ? Use the wine that has fermented siphon inspiratory in another crock or bucket, adjust wine to spend with liquor, make its achieve 20 degrees, rejoin the cane sugar of 12 % of 10 ~ , rear cover of agitate divide evenly is good.

7. Store up? ? In 10 ~ two months store up below 15 ℃ temperature, trade a barrel.

8. Bottle? ? After filtering wine with gauze, in loading bottle.

9. ? Antiseptic? ? After putting bottle in the hot water of 70 ℃ above to disinfect 10 minutes, it is finished product namely.