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Affect the main factor of bishop characteristic and character
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The factor that affects bishop characteristic and quality is a lot of OKer, but the most important nothing more than 3 big factors: Grape, grapery and brewing technique.

Ⅰ . Grape - breed and quality

You? Can? Make? Bad? Wine? From? Good? Grapes, but? Nobody? Can? Make? ? Good? Wine? From? Bad? Grapes. - Hugo? Johnson

Hugo of world bishop Great Master? The word of Johnson spoke the essence that decides bishop quality, perhaps do not brew with good grape namely give good wine, but nobody can give good wine with inferior grape wine. One can't make bricks without straw, again outstanding brew division, if do not have high grade grape, very difficult also wine goes good wine.

Different grape breed contains composition to go up to having a lot of to differ in colour and lustre, size, configuration and place, much the ply of grapy color, skin and acid, candy, more phenolic kind of content that waits for material is direct the quality that affecting wine, sweet, flavour. Brew grape and daily edible grape have very big different, although flavour is very grumous, but it is the flesh more little nucleus is much, pi Houzhi is little, grain is little, devoid delicacy eats value. But be these ordinary grapes are fermenting brew after making, turned us into the beautiful wine on table. It is different that wine of different grape breed makes the wine that give, but, besides the difference between breed, the quality of grape oneself is to brew make key of high quality vinous. The chance of the healthy, wine generation peculiar smell that was not brewed to go out by pollution and the grape that did not suffer a bacteria to erode is remote than low the qualitative, grape that is eroded by pollution or bacteria wants little.

Grapy quality and crop also be closely bound up. Generally speaking, grapy mu yield is higher, the significant component that grape place contains is lower, grapy quality is lower also, wine make the wine that give natural also tasteless, very commonplace. But also not be it is better to say yield is lower, each breed has crop of its oneself first-rate and quality to compare, and should combine tree age, cultivate the density between, the clip of the tree and grow a consider considers a variety of factors such as means, place. General grape is in 7 to the 40 crop when Nian Shuling highest, reduce gradually afterwards. Although yield is low,often cultivate, what Dan Ruwei protects government is good, also can written guarantee the grape that gives high quality. Australia the Hill of extremely negative great reputation? Of? Grace bishop is by average of more than 100 years of tree age " pull on the west " (the grape wine that Shiraz) breed place writtens guarantee is made.

Ⅱ . Grapery - the environment that the grape grows and climate

If? You? Don ' T? Have? Great? Grapes, ? You? Can ' T? Make? Great? Wines.

It? All? Happens? In? The? Vineyards! - Emile? Peynard

Is France of no less than famous does bishop teach Aimier Beinaer? (Emile? Peynard) ? Place character, vinous characteristic and style traceable grapery. Same breed can show completely different color in different producing area, grapy grows the environment is affecting grapy character and character, no less than a pair of twin, grow in different family, like completely distinct personality and temperament can be being formed below different culture setting, same grape breed is in different grow the color that there also can be apparent difference to affect finished product wine thereby below the environment and taste.
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