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Liquor evokes the crucial process in tone
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One, the primary technological process of the craft that cancel shift

Former wine put in storage -- classification store -- base wine chooses -- cancel shift -- finished product wine stores -- filter supply fill outfit

2, former wine classifications store

1. Classification

Pass distillation, ferment the alcohol in the process tries to condense with all sorts of fragrance composition, come out from the extraction in wine Pei. The boiling point that can use all sorts of material part is different, exclude harmful material and get different gust material. Carry technology operation, general meeting depart gives wine of remaining part of wine head, wine, one class, 2 class wine, 3 class wine (every manufacturer is endless and identical) the former wine that waits for a few level. Because the former wine wine of each level is spent, the quantity between all sorts of all sorts of fragrance material content, composition compares a relation to wait not identical, accordingly, the quality characteristic of various wine also has bigger distinction, so, ought to deposit alone respectively after put in storage, ensure do not cause promiscuous. In the meantime, also assure to choosing wine in the future from time to tome more choice spaces.

2. Former wine stores

All sorts of composition in the former wine that produces because of the new student did not achieve balance confluence status, in the meantime, still contain the easy volatile material such as many vulcanization hydrogen, aldehyde, make wine taste strong, dry is not hot, mellow and. Pass proper time store, the physics that combines function with conclude through volatilizing changes, and oxidation is reductive reaction, ester converts a series of chemical reaction such as reaction and condensation reaction, can make wine medium excitant strong composition gets volatilization, conclude closes, oxidation, ester is changed, the change such as condensation; Make fragrance at the same time material and help sweet material, make wine is achieved alcohol and, sweet thick, flavour is clean wait for a requirement.

3. Store classification

Pass proper time store, vinosity achieves a kind of stable status, its characteristic can be compared apparent. The method that uses manage to influence analysis and mouthfeel judge undertakes to former wine reappraisal rates, its purpose has tripartite side:

One of, demote the former alcoholic drink that has apparent quality drawback use. Because the first part states former wine to classification,be to press technology operation to rate, did not join case of vinosity itself quality, so, combine standard of our product quality, need demotes the former wine that does not accord with item category use, lest use when the wave motion that causes quality of finished product wine.

Secondly, the former wine that chooses to have a characteristic serves as flavor of wine await choose a target, continue to be deposited alone, master its to store at any time change, observe its whether achieve flavor wine standard.
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