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How to raise beer goods shelves to stabilize period
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Beer is by a variety of organic the colloid solution that makes with inorganic material, should get when the influence such as mechanical vibration, illumination and high temperature, happen extremely easily muddy with precipitation, alleged " the beer that did not clarify forever " . As brewster, should do his utmost abate and muddy happening, the goods shelves that lengthens beer period. In the article, the author produces tie practice, the craft that talks about beer to be not biology stability controls way and stability to turn processing measure.

1. Blame biology is muddy form an element

Influence beer is not the element with muddy biology to have a lot of, but the weight that affects to be not biology stability according to a lot of element looks, basically have protein, much phenol, β - Pu gets together calcium of candy, oxalic acid and oxidation, undertake simple analysis here.

2. Raise beer to be not the craft way of biology stability

2.1 raw material

(1) choose protein content (< 11% ) , β , Pu gets together glucoside of candy, design and color and oxalic acid content all low thin-skinned barley.

(2) use slow and microtherm, gemmiparous technology, ensure wheat bead is deliquescent and good, the library is worth > 42% ; Finished product is malt < of nitrogen of hot caky sex 15% . Generate at the same time more kind black element, rise to fight oxidation ability maltly.

(3) increase complementary makings proportion appropriately, contain azotic content and much more phenolic content in order to reduce, but what must assure the complementary makings such as rice is fresh degree, reduce the content of the adverse material such as fatty acid.

(4) choose fresh, without the hops with much oxidation, more phenolic low content. Notice the control of the respect such as hops store temperature, moisture, oxygen, reject to use the hops with serious degenerative oxidation and its product.

2.2 brew water

(1) alkalinity < 1.78mmol/L, the metallic ion such as iron and its salt content want low.

(2) reduce among them carbonic acid root is ionic, PH is 6.5, 7.5.

(3) chroma of plasma of the PH of dilution water, Ca2 and temperature with wait for attenuant wine to be close to or lower.

2.3 saccharify craft

(1) use wet powdery mash is better, can maintain the integrality of damp Mai Pi, the dissolve that reduces the harmful ingredient such as much phenol goes out. To crossing filter chamfer law to filter character, admirable malt smash content composition occupies 20% the left and right sides, granule and fine pink for Mai Pi 65% the left and right sides, and rice is finer better.

(2) saccharification wants complete, warm up again after iodic check is normal destroy enzymatic wine with dregs.

(3) adjust 45 ℃ according to malt quality, 50 ℃ protein is silent time, reduce content of protein of the high polymer in wheat juice.

(4) adjust saccharification PH wining with dregs to be 5.4, 5.6, the solubility that waits in order to reduce much phenol, promote enzymatic action.
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