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Enjoy the optimal temperature of beautiful wine acme
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Wine is a cup of medium treasure, but the ability below the temperature that this baby is getting used to only shows the most attractive one side.

  Yellow rice or millet wine, add appropriately lukewarm hind drinkable, taste times beautiful, but it is advisable to be temperature more after all, still had done a system to consider without the person. Ancient time is used note child and note a bowl, pour hot water of the infuse in the bowl, note child in after filling wine, put in noting a bowl. Latter-day since, make flagon fill wine with stannum, put inside boiler lukewarm wine. General with ironing a mouth advisable. This temperature is about45-50 ℃Or so.

Liquor, it is drinkable below room temperature commonly, but, in a way is added lukewarm hind again drink, taste is relatively downy, aroma is full-bodied also. Miscellaneous flavour of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease disappears. Its are main the reason is, inHigher temperatureBelow, the composition of a few low boiling point in wine, be like aldehyde, volatilize more easily methanol, these composition contain bitterer taste normally.

Bishop: The drinking temperature with different appropriate bishop differs somewhat.

   White wine and ℃ of pink bishop 8-12

 Bubbly, light sparkling wine and sweet model ℃ of white wine 6-8

 ℃ of fresh claret 12-14

 ℃ of age claret 15-18

  Beer: Beer is the drink cooking wine that a kind of low wine spends, more appropriate drinkable temperature is in7-10 ℃Between, some is in even5 ℃Or so. If drink dark beer, temperature is some lower, relatively popular way is the ability when having the aspic inside wine park freezer a Bao Shuang to the surface is taken drink.