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Experience the wisdom in bishop bottle together
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Bishop bottle is a container that packs wine only not only, still hide many wisdom!

Pineapple Buddhist nun of Italy inferior, it is one is full of rise and fall alleyway, Huang Qiang is making up old mouth of old water of large meatball fountain, ancient pebble has the city of small museum on square edge. It very Italianize, there is a beautiful goddess cathedral on the summit, old suburban the stone abbey that has a 12 centuries, inside quiet arcade, it is abbe in those days people the court of pace Jing Sai. Rice is optimistic fine jade collect had done here statuary, mozart has played music here, raphael ever also got pineapple Ni Yagui a group of things with common features invite, had lived here. Dan Ding is in by the United States after strange familial banish gives Fei Leng Cui, hesitate in Italian each district, ever also hired pineapple Buddhist nun inferior the old building that old city some manages lives. On experience history of Italy, pineapple Buddhist nun inferior the name although unlike Rome and Fei Leng Cui are resplendent in that way, dan Bo Luoniya is the leaf that falls like the flower, the star in night sky, or be equal to the ketchup on Sa cake an in that way place.

Pineapple Buddhist nun inferior in the morning, what market opens business to also resemble Shanghai is euqally early, loud also cry out wears the small dealer that sells food, because I understand Italian word not, it is so in drowsiness unconscious 眬 , always think oneself still are in Shanghai, the family member hears Italian opera in phonograph. The big voice of pineapple Ni Yaren, all is sonorous like Pawaluodi He Shu affection. The Naboli that the station of old fat person of black eye comes to in southern carry is big orange, big before tomato, singing tenor cheerfully: "So fresh big orange looks in light of, still have so big red tomato. Still have so big red tomato..

I come from the start on my bed, those who see is two narrow the wood shutter that grows again, sunshine is seamed from the window like the knife in cut. Next, I see slept last night forward on the wood windowsill that the one bottle water that inn host wants puts in bounty. To want the water that drinks in night, I learned an Italian word: "Give me a bottle of water that carries steam please. "Give me a bottle of water that carries steam please..

Push shutter, kill like sunshine knife come down, the house on alleyway is old Italy fizzles out, there is anaglyph of a large meatball on the wall in arch, ground of Chan of the Chan in leonine mouth is shedding a clear water, a palm sends a girl to wash a tomato over. A cafes is on large meatball edge, come loose a Kabujinuo is acerbity acerbity aroma, still have the central heating with the sweet bun that gives heat newly. Standing to just ate the neighbor of breakfast over there, face when going out, to boss and proprietress loudly not: "Goodbye, goodbye. " what they use Italian warmth is affable say aloud with lively mood. That palm sends a girl to leave the spring on the wall all the way, bite the red tomato that defeated that only soft south all the way.
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