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The optimal wine of circumstance of 3 kinds of business affairs is tasted (group
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No matter be business affairs lunch, late banquet, or golf eat, you should expend those who nod idea to just should not choose dish of another name for Guangdong Province or law food, how to choose what wine reflected you adequately also to savour with the identity, every wine has background of his body home setting, write down next meetings to have greatest help to you.

   Commercial lunch

Can saying is the most welcome now public relations means, time is not long, compact and decent, western-style business lunch is a head normally dish with entree, the desert is dispensable, deal won't be too much, sauce makings is more delicate, suit the wine money with relatively elegant collocation.

Can satisfy the two requirement to 6 people to two wine, can choose a delicate white wine, the) of Masi(Ma Xizhuang garden that the division produces Italy, it is a place of business of old name wine, quality refused to obey however old, caring about big profit instead is innovatory pioneer. MasiancoPinotGrigio&Verduzzo(installs division) , contain relaxed contain beautiful fruit sweet, can serve as aperitif to be able to build match colors to pull again already kind before dish, made a person again comfortable do not pass, if your entree is seafood, OK still one bottle after all.

The 2nd claret can choose wine body moderate, at the same time OK and tie-in braise in soy sauce is stewed boil and the) of brother of Lang of Australia BrownBrothers(cloth of beefsteak, have rich black bacca sweet the aroma with corydalis, the Shiraz(with downy mouthfeel is set pull child) ; If the budget can choose Sha of PatriciaShiraz(handkerchief autumn a bit higher to set,pull child) , handkerchief autumn Sha is the grandmother name that comes from wine suzerain person, what wine does is very marvellous, send out the flavor that gives herb of beautiful black bacca, blackberry, coffee and cut tobacco, wine body is full-bodied and full, the proposal wakes half hours drinkable, or it is in the cup the edge drinks Bian Xing pretty good also.

   The dinner of golf club

Listen go up very enjoy, in this big dinner, bishop is acting very important role, decompose because of what bishop can promote protein, drink so the person that takes meal normally too won't fat, but cheer nonabstainer cannot be done assured.

Wine must be not drunk, every wine each a cup good, the proposal chooses a delicate white wine to make friends relaxed fall first, loosen the mood at the same time, this most Aersasi produces Alsace(of France of nothing is more... than area) old and well-known family of gram of Ba of graceful of Mile(of é of Ric of é of D of é of TrimbachRieslingCuv é EFr brews Yi silk beautiful jade especially) .

The 2nd bishop can be white also can be red, white wine can choose wine form some fuller, maturity is some taller, claret can choose the GuigalChateauneuf-du-Pape(Ji Jia with wine body downy moderate happy old and well-known family teachs Huang Xinbao) , this natural and graceful, have rich gules bacca sweet expect with downy Xin Xiang breath, congenial mouthfeel is the optimal choice of cooked food of food of tie-in Chinese and Western!
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