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Wine Culture Zongyang edge online organizing forum
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"Thank total development, become attached to one family." December 5, Zongyang edge of wine culture online forum was held at the edge of the wine group. Zongyang Online and Community Management Team margin of nearly 20 wine group friends get together to jointly study and explore the edge of cultural heritage content, geo-cultural essence of the excavation, and efforts to play to the network edge, absorb the wisdom to strengthen and expand the wine culture and the edge margin wine brands efforts to offer. Huang, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the county Arts hosted forum activities, party secretary Chen Yao Zuo Zhigang Town, made a special trip to visit friends. Wine Group Chairman Ye Yuan Huang introduced the edge of passion liquor group "culture of wine to wine," the pioneering history of wine culture on the edge of a profound exposition. Management to further improve the management of community-run online community Zongyang put forward specific requirements. Forum site visited edge margin of the wine production process and wine group Group headquarters. Users from around the world agreed that the margin of rice wine added Chen Yao Chen Yao lake water quality brewing, wine margin Zongyang roots. Investment by more than two years operation, the margin of the wine to form a covering Jiangsu and Anhui provinces extensive dealer network channels, all the way to increase sales volume, quality, sustainable and stable, the brand has been increasing. This kind of cultural enterprises, cultural battle to create the future market and the cultural practices, is the geo-cultural wine brand development of the power source. Netizens on the edge of the wine culture, how to make the edge of the wine symbol into millions of households, financial "edge" Progressive and other positive contributions "Golden Ideas." These netizens "adhere to" Zongyang online communities for many years, witnessed the development of the community, they also to strengthen and improve the community building into the words and ideas. Forum believes that online communities to form Zongyang highlights and features, and strive to "four outstanding": highlight the theme, highlighting the flow of public opinion, highlight the originality, highlighting the openness of the community to fight the smooth flow of the main channel of public opinion, shows the person the main positions of emotion, the expression of the main window of freedom of expression, economic and social development for the Zongyang favorable public opinion support. Community Edition Enhanced sense of honor and responsibility primarily to strengthen the duty to promote the work of innovative, multi-grade organization posted the theme, organize keep abreast of.