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Taste of the traditional wine culture publicity beautiful beautiful dream debu
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This is a continuation of tradition, affect the trend of the cultural feast, this is a glamorous publicity, achievement of dreams "find incense," the General Assembly; witness the beauty, the interpretation of intelligence, 2010, Guangxi, the first "learning wine Golden Flower" beauty contest after two intense audition rounds in the afternoon of November 25 Finals held in Nanning. The competition from the Guizhou Moutai Distillery (Group) Co., Ltd. Xi wine, Nanning City, organized by Po Chi Kang Liquor Co., Ltd., Guangxi Daily News Group in Guangxi, Guangxi Web TV, Guangxi campus network, the Internet every day, the contractor. A total of 20 contestants enter the contest finals, most of them from universities in Guangxi, "learning the wine Golden Flower" and to provide more than just a beauty pageant organized event to show their young beautiful women, will be provided for the players after graduation jobs and internships in the school, part-time jobs. According to the organizers of Nanning Bao Chi Kang Liquor Co., Ltd. Director of Operations Qin source is introduced as Guizhou Moutai Distillery (Group), one of its two brands learning wine, wine country and called together to create the traditional Chinese Maotai liquor sauce legend. Siduchishui the Long March that year, that is, to learn from the wine town of Maotai plant stretches over 80 kilometers of the Red River swimming back and forth, out of the KMT army besieged, and finally created the new China. Now, in the study wine production base in the town and the edge of the Red Army Siduchishui Maotai Town Hall, has become a classic red tourism places. And this competition Guangxi elected "Xi wine Golden Flower", will soon embark with representatives of Guangxi Baise, East Portland, Zunyi, Chishui of learning wine "Red Tour" and experience the Red Army Long March Road, tread the taste of wine, beautiful journey, not forgetting the current situation, bearing in mind today's hard-won happiness. After talent show, wine tasting quiz culture and other aspects of the game, players Zone No. 013 and 024 players Li Li Luo Jing won the first in Guangxi, "learning the wine gold Golden Flower" in the title, Zhou Huijuan, Cao Qian Qi, Wu Li Golden entered the list of five, they get a lot of money in addition to prize money, but also practitioners of good opportunities and free participation in the "Red wine country tour" of the award.