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Chinese wine valley development effort sprint "tens of billions Park"
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November 2, the reporter from Luzhou City, located in the town of Jiang Yangqu Huang outfitting Chinese wine valley was informed that from January to August this year, the output value of China's wine valley, and services revenue reached 6.8 billion, equivalent to the total revenue last year, is expected by year-end among the annual output value of "tens of billions Park" ranks. China's first wine process supporting industry clusters - to Luzhou China as the leading wine valley, around the base of the traditional wine making pillar industry, attracting supporting industries upstream and downstream industries, extend the industrial chain, the industrial group into a single industry, the realization of industrial cluster development so that the Luzhou liquor from the original traditional-based liquor that due to geographical and natural formation of the "inherent advantage", adds a very important chain of liquor industry, "acquired advantage." At present, 80 enterprises settled valley wine, to attract investment 2.63 billion yuan. As the "Golden Triangle Chinese liquor," the forerunner - the wine valley is its ultra-high-power "engine" in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan Luzhou Chongqing region as a whole in the release of strong economic growth momentum.