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Zhang Yu Bo accession state dinner long face of the Chinese wine
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The evening of April 30, 2010 Shanghai World Expo will welcome dinner in the Huangpu River in Shanghai International Convention Center was held, a grand state banquet dinner to attend the Shanghai World Expo will be from: China Wine News VIP opening ceremony of the countries . Banquet dishes filling the "Shanghai School" style, used for wine, including Zhang Yu Aifei Castle International Chateau Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay dry white. Shanghai World Expo is China's second Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008 another international event, the Expo will be held for the first time in the developing countries, is both the honor of Shanghai, is China's pride; is to demonstrate the machines in China Will also exchange platform with the world, but also cooperation with the world's largest stage. In such a high profile international event, who can seize opportunities, who is the biggest winner. China's long-term dwelling domestic wine, they should play an active role in the Shanghai World Expo, take advantage of the machine Will conduct marketing, focusing on Shanghai World Expo will be held this golden opportunity, and the Shanghai World Expo will be a state banquet with wine, Changyu wine not only won the business, also won development; not only demonstrated his , But also a powerful validation. Compared with French wines, although the quality of our wines, lacking in all grades, but in the development of wine, in the improvement, in advance, and make efforts in recent years in independent innovation, strong quality, Plastic image, whether it is the external packaging, or the inherent quality, taste, smell, taste, etc. are looking for a breakthrough, and strive to enter the international market, looting, war business opportunities. Changyu has a long history of wine production, but also play the leading role in the Shanghai World Expo, which is showing its strength is the result of branding in place. Changyu wine into the banquet, not just a marketing Victory, but also let his name go down in history, so that long-Mi Changyu wine aroma of an excellent opportunity for the international platform equipped with the Expo, Changyu has been rolled into the fast lane. Changyu wine into the Expo banquet, not only shows in China, but also shows the speed of China and the Chinese spirit. Zhang Yu Aifei Castle International winery is in the United States, Italy, Portugal and other multi-national joint venture winery in China, is the country The result of international integration, Changyu seize the reform and opening up the historic opportunity and a market economy in order to accommodate the mind, the rapid development of the Shanghai World Expo banquet for VIPs in the taste of wine country, but also goods to the "Made in China World cooperation "of the essence. Changyu Wine Expo can enter a state banquet, not only represent their own development, also represents the strength of the Chinese wine industry, this is not only proud of who should be Changyu, it should be every Chinese person. Changyu has today Expo banquet in Moscow, in the future will be more Chinese wine across the ocean across the sea, fragrance world.