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Yellow Bay Resort icing on the cake cooking wine Heroes Dukang national distribu
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Qiachuan beautiful national scenic area in the Yellow Bay Resort grand opening, to greet the eight
Party Guest

Autumn in August, autumn, Hechuan Wetland and pleasant scenery. August 16 to 18, all
State elite gathered at the National Scenic Area Hechuan the beautiful Yellow River Bay, in the Third
Cultural Forum and the National Liquor Dealers Whitewater Dukang National Assembly, to witness the development of wine Dukang
And grow, witness the cooperation of friendship for many years, witnessed the construction of the Yellow River Dukang generous Bay Group Travel
Resort Tour Grand Opening! This is an industry event, is an elite cross-country wine
Current thinking of the feast!
At the meeting, Chairman and Chief Executive Zhang Hongjun Dukang passionate speech. He told us a
Exciting good news: July 28, 2010, the Beijing Higher People's Court made a "
Henan Dukang Wine Company Limited to allow the appellant to withdraw (the case of trademark disputes on the Dukang
) Appeal "the ruling, equal to the society: June 10, 2009, the Beijing Second
Intermediate People's Court made the "White Dukang favor" of the sentence has been effective. Second, a continuing
Ten years has finally settled a trademark lawsuit to end in favor Dukang, painted on the perfect sentence
Number. This is Dukang's victory! It is believed that, since then, bright white water this side wins Dukang
History of famous trademarks the purpose of the flag will inspire and shine Dukang marketing in wine production
Avenue, go ahead! He also reviewed and summarized the development of Dukang Group over the past year and the market opened wine
Extension of remarkable achievements, and invited famous experts and professors made a wonderful feature for the forum participants
The General Assembly also recognizes outstanding dealer award for 2009, access to special award Dukang Group President
Advanced get 30 million in cash awards. During the meeting, also organized a national distributor
Visit the beautiful scenery and the Yellow River contact the Bay Area to enjoy the co-yang of traditional folk art performances,
Feel the profound culture of yellow land.
The beautiful Bay of the Yellow River into the development process Dukang another brilliant start, a cooperative
Dukang Group partners to create wealth and wisdom blessed! Forum and the third white wine culture in China
National distributors of water Dukang wine complete the scheduled agenda of the General Assembly successfully concluded.