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Food of international of the 10th Shanghai exhibits SIAL meeting
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Food of the 10th China International mixes SIALCHINA2009 beverage exhibition in May 2009 19- - new international of 21 days of Shanghai reads extensively anniversary of SIALCHINA10 of house of central E1, E2, E3, E4 celebrates sponsor an unit: < of   of   of   of   of center of development of business of China of   of   of   of group of exhibition of French love rich exhibits meeting cycle: Annual a > Cooperation Agency: Melt of  of Xun of enemy  of ひ of broken meal of discharge  scull makes fun of Ministry of Agriculture of association of potted industry of China of?3671788622 of yo of Xiang of aperture of Piao of ∠ of shake Lu cut up with a hay cutter external media of collaboration of economic collaboration center: Import provision web has the food trade grand meeting of internationalization most-----SIALChina2008 is mutual come from global the ginseng of 58 countries and area exhibits business ginseng signing up, in all 1100 exhibit a Trade Fair to go out. Join the dimensions that exhibit a group bigger is: China, France, Italy, United States, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Australia, Belgium, south Africa, Bulgaria, Keluodeya, Cyprus, Russia, Ecuadorian, Malaysia, Korea, Uruguay, Vietnam, Canada, Thailand, Japan, . Numerous and abroad postpone business join in, reflected the big trend of food commerce globalization on one hand, at the same time SIALChina reflected its height again internationally. SIALChina2009 participates in country and area amount to predict to will break through 70 above. SIALChina2008 attracted more and more China to postpone business. Those who come from 29 China to visit town exhibit business to attend SIALChina. Distinct commerce effect---The new information that 27718 professional audiences will come to to SIALChina2008 seek Asian food market and new partner (relatively grew 24% 2007) . Among them, the audience of 12% comes from abroad area, basically come from Korea, Japan, Australia and southeast Asia to wait. Attend SIALChina2008 to exhibit the ginseng of China and foreign countries of the meeting to exhibit business to all score the commerce gain of plentiful and substantial, in exhibit before can concluding, the ginseng that has more than 61 % exhibits business to had affirmed those who continue to attend SIALChina2009 to exhibit meeting. On the history of SIALChina, 2008 for the first time the challenge Jinisi records an activity " on the world most dock-glass Kabujinuo " promulgate on exhibit meeting site. Created successfully " the world most the Kabujinuo of dock-glass " record. The coffee division that comes from world-renowned coffee to produce business people the Kabujinuo that enjoyed this cup to create Jinisi to record together with the audience. SIALChina: SIALChina of ― of D of stage of  of  of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of  of cave  discharge contacted Chinese consumer to offer a lot of opportunities to postpone business. No matter be to be in,exhibit go up or in private talk area, exhibit business to be able to be in international food develops as happy as the home blessing, Mai Delong, Gumeida and Xinuodisi company spot negotiates in benefit. 2009, SIALChina will celebrate his to hold water 10 years in the Asia. In the congratulatory activity that welcomes you to participate in this 10 years, fasten the food that missed you to be in China next time and beverage grand meeting. The major that comes from China and whole Asia buys the home -- SIALChina already became platform of Asian efficient business affairs, attracted abroad, especially the high attention that Asia and European major buy the home. 2009, besides chinese mainland and area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, will more Asia and European nation organization purchase a group bulkily, include the United States, England, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, India. Amount of SIALChina2009 professional audience will be achieved 3, 0000 people. Rich exhibition period activity - Sialchina bought the home to provide a variety of medium of communication for enterprise contact major, carry the exhibition period activity of rich and colorful, to join the ginseng that exhibits an enterprise to bring high additional cost to exhibit the effect. As happy as the home blessing, Mai Delong and commerce of couplet China supermarket negotiate -- the business chance that enjoys in SIALChina ability only! Of two big supermarkets purchase ministry general to negotiate in setting of the center that exhibit a house room, in exhibit new partner is sought in the meeting. Special activity -- the person that see the banner retail trade of Shanghai on the spot and famous sell greatly, know market of Shanghai retail trade deep more extensively, organic meeting and shopkeeper speak face-to-face, it is the way with the most effective and convenient current situation of market of understanding home food. Contest of olive oil of international of the 5th Asia -- held first 2005, 8 years contest of Chinese Asia olive oil has 65 kinds of products that come from 12 countries to take part in the match. 6000 audiences expressed the visiting interest to this kinds of product. Exhibit meeting general 9 years to continue to be in exhibit establish in field sample technically area. Will offer olive oil additionally relevant seminar. International sweetmeat and chocolate contest -- China and foreign countries exhibits business to will reveal all sorts of candy that envisage hard, the classical variety that buys every year surely from consumer arrives thousands of new development product. Bishop of the 9th China International and spirited wine criticize cocktail party -- Chinese bishop and firewater contest share 435 kinds of products to take part in the match. Besides, we still set the house that taste wine, held 10 to taste bender in all. Have the alcoholic drink that comes from city of Hua Chao of a Le Fu, Mai Delong, couplet kind the product purchases a manager to will be in exhibit meeting site to undertake business affairs negotiates. The 9th bishop and firewater contest key depend on raising international grapery to be spent in the acknowledge of chinese mainland. 182 wine that come from 15 countries exhibited business to attend SIALChina2008. Large award of trend of the 4th food and innovation, the innovation product that lets you makes window -- in contest of product innovation trend, the person that the commissioner chose 17 bear the palm in postponing business. Domestic Le Fuwei is mixed with health organic for the Israel FASS of characteristic refrigerant product awards special innovation and trend prize " CoupdeCoeur " , choose supermarket of Shanghai of happy into the home blessing. 9 years Sialchina will continue to hold this one grand meeting. Sialchina cate kitchen, western cate is here east passion collides -- the bitter fleabane break out of Chinese hotel and meal course of study is exhibited brought an opportunity for supplier and manufacturing business. SIALChina2008 was rolled out with its new concept " cooking innovation area " , attract the audience of 4435 hotels and meal course of study in all, grew 55% than 2007. China of Escoffier of international cooking association is rolled out " cooking innovation area " this new activity behaved 4 stars class and cook of restaurant of 5 stars class people masterly craft and creativity of exclamatory letting a person. Major of 8 big themes exhibits   of   of area of the 48000 exhibitions that make the same score rice area () wine kind exhibit an area (2) sweetmeat, recreational food exhibits an area (3) beverage exhibits an area (4) farming by-product and dressing, flesh kind exhibit an area (5) aquatic product exhibits an area: Bishop, beer, spirited wine is recreational food is not alcohol kind beverage: The dairy produce such as machine of fruit juice, carbonic acid beverage, tea, natural drinking water, coffee, coffee, milk products and egg product flesh of fresh, souse kind reach the flesh kind goods, fowl and game, fresh reach souse fish, shellfish to wait for sea product fresh reach dehydration fruit and vegetable. Ginseng postpone technological process: Ginseng postpone a business referring " exhibit after booking requisition " hind, have exhibit meeting organization to just affirm exhibit, in ginseng exhibit an enterprise to receive " exhibit a confirmation " pay please in a week ginseng exhibit cost 50% or entire section. After March 1, 2009 enterprise signing up needs one-time pay all ginseng to exhibit expense. Exhibit an arrangement principle to be: Book first, sign up first, the prepaid money, principle that arranges first undertakes. Contact means: Shanghai meets address of limited company of luxuriant exhibition service: Shanghai river installs 99 lane postcode of a 1002 rooms: 200233 phones: 86-21-29423514 fax: 86-21-54620109E-mail:sIalchina@163.comMSN:sIalchina@hotmail.comQQ is online: 406766239 contacts: Chief inspector of Chen Gang project 13671788622

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