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The food of international of the 8th Vietnam, equipment that pack and raw ma
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8THVIETNAMINTERNATIONALFOODPROCESSING & PACKAGINGEXHIBITION thes southern part of the country the border food, equipment that pack and raw material provide time of industrial exhibition FOOD-PACKVIETNAM2008 the 8th times more: On November 13, 2008, 16 days of places: Center of exhibition of Fu Meixin meeting of Hu Zhiming town exhibits Vietnam 會 簡 uprights - sponsor an unit - firm of ad of trade of nation of Vietnam of department of Vietnam nation trade - assist run an unit - Malaysia Ma Xun shows a company, since Vietnam government since carrying out an innovation to open policy, the look of things of Vietnam economy progress is good, relationship of trade of two countries classics is jumped over to show a capacious development prospect in. As a result of Vietnam industry instability, the mechanical equipment of about 90% needs an import, and no matter our country mechanical product waits for each levels in Wu of kimono of the price, quality relatively congener product suits other country more Vietnam shows level market demand, because this has bigger competition advantage in Vietnam. At present " China is mechanical " this one brand already was place of Vietnam machine market to be accepted generally, enjoy know extremely high the name is spent. This exhibiting is at present Vietnam home is had relatively sex of powerful nation border, professional the enginery industry of the national level with commerce sex is exhibited meeting. Exhibit can get Vietnam trade department, Vietnam industry ministry, Vietnam invests science and technology of plan ministry, Vietnam and environmental protection ministry and Vietnam machinery of the government sector such as association, plastic association and mould association and professional association support energetically. Exhibit turn around did 2000, annual, held 7 successfully already at present. My department already formed a delegation 7 times continuously at present go to join more exhibit. Previous term or session is exhibited can exhibit dimensions is 9, 400 smooth rice, booth of amount to mark makes an appointment with 405, 219 ginseng that come from 14 countries such as inland of Vietnam homeland, our country, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, Philippine, Indonesia, India, Korea, Germany, Japan, Malaysia and Italy and area exhibit an enterprise to carried item on display to attend to exhibit, ginseng of business of its China and foreign countries exhibits scale to be in 80% above, the spot recieves professional audience about 23, 000 person-time. Our country exhibits a group to be comprised by 35 enterprises, showpiece dimensions 500 Yu Ping rice, work off of spot of 90% item on display or stay by local agent buy, ginseng exhibited an activity to obtain remarkable result. We get on the foundation that exhibits in old series with when all is entered, development innovation, improve further group postpone the job, in new century for our country enterprise international market of comprehensive development southeast Asia searchs business chance, provide true-blue service! 參 exhibits 範 圍 : Package machine of of all kinds industry, plastic package machine, auxiliary equipment, of all kinds carton is packed, food machinery, detect equipment. 1, food enginery: Beverage machines machinery; Cake machines machinery; Candied treatment is mechanical; Bean products machines machinery; Fruit machines machinery; Vegetable treatment is mechanical; The flesh kind treatment is mechanical; Antiseptic equipment; Peng changes kind of food finished product to produce equipment; Baking facility; Kitchen facilities facilities; Dressing produces equipment; All sorts of refrigerant, last equipment and machinery of treatment of technical etc food, food detects equipment. 2, package machine kind: All sorts of industry packer; Automatic packer; Machine of vacuum gas packaging; Corrugated box and paper box package machine; Liquid packer; The package machine after imprinting; Pharmacy machinery; Plastic and peritoneal machine; Food packer reachs plastic package machine; Packer fetterses; Complex flexible package machine; Container machines machinery to wait. 3. The forming machine that pack fetterses: Cut machine; Cap machine; Make bag of machine; Manage bottle machine; Suck model machine; Eat box machine; Carton bowl machine; Paper cup machine; Wait for the other forming machine that pack to fetters. 4. Mechanical and relevant spare parts: All sorts of material that pack and pack the science and technology that prevent bogus; The design that pack; The craft that pack; Pack publication media to wait. 參 exhibits 費 to serve project rate with serial number 1 exhibit a cost: The standard is exhibited (9 smooth rice) 17, 000 RMBs / mark booth smooth ground (36 hire since smooth rice) 15, 000 RMBs / mark spreads out 2 airline ticket are expended (Guangzhou, Hu Zhiming is roundtrip) accommodation is expended (4 stars of 8 days of 7 night class hotel, between two-men standard) airport construction cost, airport - hotel - the special that exhibit a house receives send.6000 the RMB / the person notes: If need to book odd world to need 960 yuan to increase cost additionally / 3 insurance premium / 240 RMBs of person 4 formalities going abroad assist run cost / 500 RMBs item on display carries the person to consult please carriage guideline, other case informs the standard exhibits deploy: Two fluorescent lamp of a chair of two a piece of a 3 carpet, boarding, lintel board, advisory desk, fold, 40W, 100W shoot 題 of 專 of the corresponding period of a the lamp, wastebasket to exhibit 覽會 international of the 8th Vietnam pressworks with: Shenzhen horse dispatch exhibits address of branch of limited company Guangzhou: Area of Guangzhou city the Milky way edifice of Lu Longhui of 5 Long Koudong 802 rooms postcode: 510630 contacts: Phone of Yang Xiaorong Ceng Ruiying: 87568382 faxes of 020 –: 020 – 87568393Web-site:hTtp://www.esmasschina.comE-mail:sHenzhen@esevent.com.my

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