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Food of nutrition of 2008 Guangzhou international and wine drink exhibition
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CINHOE2008 nourishment of the 5th international. Healthy food and organic product (Guangzhou) exhibition and nutrient industry raw material, technology and equipment exhibition extend conference advisory hot line: 0Time of 20-6137154913710886507 Mr Zheng: 5-7 day ground nodded in September 2008: Guangzhou international conference exhibits a center (Pa continent exhibits Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise house) sponsor an unit: Association of communication of international of industry of estate of the state-operated in government of Guangzhou city people undertakes unit: 100 million sail of Guangzhou city exhibit service limited company to support an unit: Hong Kong is proud dragon exhibits Xinjiang of association of food of company Taiwan health to share attestation to seek advice from limited company preface: Nutrient industry is sunny industry, involve medicine of agriculture, food, light industrial, chemical industry, health care to taste reach cosmetic convention trade, and get national policy give aid to. When average per capita of a country according to international experience GDP is in 1000 - between 3000 dollars, people can begin to pay attention to problem of oneself nutrition health, at the same time nutrient industry also can grow quickly. GDP of our country average per capita was 1730 dollars 2006, this means industry of our country nutrition to will enter fast dilate period, will provide huge market for nutrient estate development. As a result of our country enterprise own innovation ability rises ceaselessly, nutrient health care tastes content of science and technology taller and taller, form own intellectual property and well-known trademark. Guangzhou is Chinese economy, commerce and financial center, banner effect is having in countrywide socioeconomy development, be close to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, southeast Asia at the same time, have ability of radiate of extremely strong economy and advantageous situation, through CINHOE2007 we accumulated many experience, will increase action business and propagandist strength further, expand exhibit meeting influence to abound content of item on display, exhibit can do specialization, the industry distinguished gathering of internationalization, we expect your participation, the happiness that lets us start nutrient industry in all hand in hand tomorrow! Reviewing of previous term or session: The 4th CINHOE is held at succeeding in March 2008, wonderful confused shows it may be said, business chance is infinite, the public figure inside course of study is established the biggest, person enrages dimensions of countrywide nutrition industry most the professional grand meeting with flourishing, best effect; Have Buddhist nun of Po of silent of Po of well-known company United States biochemistry of quick result of biology of culmination of card, LIFE-FLOHEALTHCAREPRODUCTSCORP, NUSKIN, GENSCRIPT, MERTEK, AXimedAs, Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan is wide Yin Xiangwei course of study of hall of colleague of benefit, Beijing, Shandong, NIPPONPAPERINDUSTRIEOTRADINGCO. , limited company of company of conspicuous of LTD, GoldenHopeFood&BeveragesSdnBhd, advance in all many 300 enterprises, dimensions amounts to 12000 much M2, professional audience amounts to 50 thousand person-time. Audience organization: 1. Current exhibit can move division Pa continent, get Guangzhou municipal government and relevant section support evening paper, as southern as daily of Guangdong TV station, Shenzhen TV station, Guangzhou, Yang Cheng Metropolis Daily, phoenix to defend energetically inspect, the report of media collaboration whole journey such as Hong Kong big bulletin, reach bus advertisement, large and outdoors advertisement to put in, will attract major of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan the audience looks around before 100 thousand person purchase. 2. As two sides " 3 " the process is accelerated, overseas exhibits support of firm tripartite balance of forces to fall, will increase strength to invite travelling merchant of area of and other places of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, at the same time the key invites the professional audience such as France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia. 3. Professional exhibition engineers origanization construction to undertake, build reveal goodly trade platform, pass " 10665012 " short message platform, have powerful agency database to participate in interactive, person specially assigned for a task is in charge of visitting business to release mobile phone short message and email to relevant target regularly. 4. It is good the organization to undertake the island of much, 10 thousand beautiful, 100 beautiful, grand city, auspicious, Yi Chulian flower, Xin Yijia, big grain of grand of 10 thousand guests, Guangzhou is oily oil of grain of treasure of luck of terminal market, Guangzhou city of food terminal market, Guangzhou east. 5. Professional media publicizes: Health of network of service of division of nutrition of network of organic product of web of organic food of net of medicine of Chinese food newspaper, food, food industry net, grocer Wu net, China, China, China, Taiwan food association. Ginseng extend a requirement: Have " industrial and commercial business charter " relevant industry business. Ginseng exhibit content: ◆ nourishment: Nutriment: Monomer and the premix such as protein, adipose, carbohydrate, mineral, water and vitamin. Nutrient replenishers: Food of special board edible, vitamin is mineral replenishers, herbal / plant kind replenishers, athlete nutrition replenishers, prandial substitute. Nutrient aggrandizement food: Food of recreational food, athletic nutrition food, health food, algal food, medullary food, food reducing weight, fiber food, medicinal food food, vitamin food, hairdressing food, beneficial wisdom food, low grease food, green food, black, . Rich nutrition food: Bean products, dairy produce, dressing, wheaten goods, egg kind goods, flesh kind product of goods, sea. Function (health care) food: Amino acid, enrich the blood beverage of the sanitarian product such as product of fiber of agent, fatty acid, edible, DHA/EPA and tea of nourishing, health care wine, health care, health care. Natural product: Pollen product, bee product, ginseng product, fish oil product, aquatic product, enzymatic change product, green alga product, plumule product, chlorophyll product, aloe product, plant to extract content product, fungus product to wait. Medical treatment nutrition is special food (the special type food such as clinical, women and children) , skin nutrition product and nutrient health product extract content. Athletic nourishment: Nutriment complement is tasted, specific effect nourishment. ◆ organic product and green food: Food of products of food of additive agent for food of vegetables of green health food and raw material, function food, fresh fruit, green, organic rice, organic tea, tailor-made food, aggrandizement, careful food, ripe meat, refrigerant food, bean products, dehydrate, organic flesh kind, food grains other than wheat and rice of milk products, food crops, nut; Drink of drink of tea of fruit of camellia of grandma of grandma of special type oil, edible oil, milk, plant, cereal ancient stemmed cup or bowl, vegetable juice, fruit juice, mineral water, a book on Chinese medicine, refining, herb, legume, carbonic acid kind drink; Liquor beer, wine, bishop, bubbly; Beverage of sex of drink of green tea, scented tea, black tea, oolong, coffee, cocoa, function; Ecological food, maigre, organic noodle, buckwheat flour; Medicines and chemical reagents of traditional Chinese traditional medicine and Chinese herbal medicine, biology. ◆ nutrition processing technique reachs special device: Vitaminic reach health protection of function of nourishment of dietary complement, mineral, product reducing weight, motion, antiseptic, sex to taste, equipment of machinery of beverage of acetanilide, nutrition, cold storage, container and the material that pack, examine detect analytic instrument equipment. ◆ raw material reachs burden: Not oil of fiber of additive agent for food, vitamin, mineral, edible, protein, amino acid, elite, enzymatic, salt, elementary polysaccharide, lactobacillus, alkaline, saturated fatty acid, yeast, algal, phosphatide, fungus, plant collects content, antibiotic, herb and organic raw material, . ◆ nutrition education, seek advice, service: Nutrient research organization; Detect, inspection agency; Advisory orgnaization, attestation orgnaization, education grooms orgnaization, publicize data of phonic resembling, books; Healthy insurance device, industry casts financing orgnaization. Ginseng exhibit expense: ◆ A area (standard) exhibit: RMB 8000 yuan / (3 × 3m2) ◆ T area (smooth ground) : 1000 yuan / M2 (hire since 36m2) ◆ B area (standard) exhibit: RMB 7500 yuan / (3 × 3m2) ◆ C area (blame mark) exhibit: RMB 4800 yuan / (3 × 1m2) ◆ abroad enterprise: 300 dollars / M2 ◆ attention: The standard exhibits corner position (double mouth exhibits) add receive standard of international of 500 yuan of RMBs to exhibit a 3 × 3m2=9m2 (configuration standard: Lintel board, one piece negotiates desk, 2 chairs, electrical outlet of 220V power source, basket of a paper, two light are in charge of, 3 are exhibited board, every are exhibited board high 2.5m; Smooth ground is not to offer any configuration. ) spot other advertisement: ◆ cover: 28000 yuan of RMBs (130 × 210mm) advertisement of ◆ rainbow door: 8000 yuan of RMBs / (18m span) ◆ back cover: 20000 yuan of RMBs (130 × 210mm) ◆ seminar: 6000 yuan of RMBs / when (200 people assembly room) the page inside ◆ color: 6000 yuan of RMBs (130 × 210mm) ◆ ginseng exhibits advertisement of card, visiting card: 10000 yuan of RMB ◆ are black and white inside page: 3000 yuan of RMBs (130 × 210mm) outside ◆ house advertisement of paint of top class spray: 220 yuan of RMBs / M2 extends meeting date arrangement: Cloth extends time: September 2008 3 - 4 days (9:00 - 17:00) show time: On September 5, 2008 - 7 days (9:00 - 16:30) remove extend time: On September 7, 2008 (14:00) ginseng extend a program: Application enterprise receives invitation letter to fill in ginseng exhibit application form to build official seal is faxed or mail to organizing committee organizing committee the fax is exhibited allocate advice note to reach application industry beforehand the organizing committee is right applicant qualification examine and verify is preliminary and affirmatory exhibit a ginseng to exhibit an enterprise to be inside 3 weekday remittance, mix remittance bottom sheet allocate advice note to fax along with all the others beforehand exhibit an enterprise to hold to ginseng of   of   of OK of organizing committee for future reference exhibit a confirmation spot to report for duty the paragraph gives out to the organizing committee after account exhibit a confirmation attention: Current exhibition date of expiration signing up is on August 10, 2008 organizing committee secretariat: 100 million sail of Guangzhou city exhibit address of service limited company: Edifice of silver-colored swallow of date of 25-27 of road of mountain of Guangzhou city swallow 2406 rooms (510507) phone: 020-61371549 fax: 020-6108945961089469E-mail: Gzyf@21cn.comQQ: 517605364 contacts: Zheng Qunxing 13710886507

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