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Beer of the 8th China International, beverage makes technology and equipment
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Beer of the 8th 2008 China International, beverage produces invitation letter technology and date of equipment exhibition exhibition: On October 20, 2008 - the exhibition is periodic on October 23: Two years one holds a place: Beijing shows a location: China International exhibits a center (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 houses) exhibit an area: Property of audience of 45 thousand square metre: Professional audience approves an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China sponsors an unit: Chinese building materials is light industrial and mechanical group company (head office of machinery of former China light industry) undertake unit: Small resultant force is mechanical in Beijing equipment limited company assist run an unit: Association of industry of beverage of China of association of Chinese brew industry supports an unit: Production technology of beer of China International of federation of machinery of Chinese light industry, beverage and equipment exhibition " the industry distinguished gathering that provides the dimensions, most influential power most as industry of Asian beer, beverage held 7 successfully already, be known as vane of domain of industry of Asian area beer, beverage the grand meeting of type. The dimensions of 2008 exhibition will expand to 45, 000 square metre, ginseng exhibit business to predict to exceed 600, professional audience will be achieved 50, 000 person-time. ] ginseng exhibit expense? 9 ㎡ standard exhibits collect fees RMB9000 yuan (include: Exhibit a field, 2.5m tall wainscot, a Chinese and English lintel board, negotiate desk a piece, electrical outlet of power source of 2 chairs, 220V, shoot the light 2, exhibit inside full shop carpet. ) ? Smooth ground exhibits (least 27 square metre) 900 yuan / machinery of ● of limits of ㎡ item on display and concerned installation service: ⑿ of ⑽ of float of uncut jade of  of antrum of ⑻ of float of uncut jade of  of  of food container  pushs [dregs of rice Le of  of ⒐ of uncut jade float tasties Liu gathers up this  of  of Lie of  of ⒐ of float of uncut jade of Fu of  of Ji of  of ⒐ of float of Qian Ai uncut jade prostitute of ⑻ of float of uncut jade of ∩ of leg of  of Lie of  of ⒐ of uncut jade float: Heat, beverage of equipment of frozen plant, gassing, water treatment equipment, ● supplies equipment: Sale of beer, beverage implement ● of material of treatment of ● of equipment of lab of ● of ● disinfection equipment sticks ● of equipment of recycle of safety of mark and industry of ● of the raw material that pack, complementary makings, resource and environmental protection producer goods and additive: Beer, beverage former beer of complementary makings, additive ● and beverage ● organization and management: Ginseng of professional orgnaization of ● of journal of ● of service of adviser of ● of support of project advisory service, technology exhibits connection small resultant force is mechanical in means Beijing address of ministry of flutter of equipment limited company: Shanghai heart road 28 9# building 702 rooms phone: (86-21) 3630208236300524 faxes: (86-21) 36302082 contacts: 13122720179Jinwei6588@163.comfangjie7788@163.com of Mr Jin Wei

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