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Non-staple food of 2008 China justice black tastes Fair
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One, can exhibit a city: Justice black, full congress exhibits the nova city of course of study. 2004, justice black is judged to be " the meeting that China has development latent capacity most exhibits a city " one of; 2005, justice black is judged to be " 2004 year China 10 big the most attractive can exhibit a city " one of; 2006, justice black is judged to be again " 2005 year China (software environment) optimal meeting exhibits a city " . Justice black, already became domestic and international ginseng to postpone business and the central issue that purchase business to gather. 2, exhibit meeting general situation: Market of deputy food of king of justice black guest is Zhejiang provincial the greatest non-staple food health care tastes the market, the whole nation's famous non-staple food health care tastes one of professional markets, own 1500 many business, business area of 12986 square metre, year sale 3 billion yuan, 85% with the brand the representative is main management mode, introduce an other place further well-known trademark and company of large modern chain, attracting well-known trademark to set a dot to manage in justice black is the main strategy that the market develops all the time. The non-staple food that builds newly 2008 tastes the market, cover an area of an area to be 32622 square metre, total investment is 280 million yuan, after investment was used November, the scale that raises justice black non-staple food to taste the market further and class, play gives more essential economic benefits. Commodity divides home market of race to control outside, more the exit of foreign trade platform that relies on justice black reachs country and the area such as southeast Asia, middle east, South America, the product enters justice black foreign market of quick race to control. "Non-staple food of Chinese justice black tastes Fair " it is justice black annual food grand meeting, it is one aims to help nonlocal food company develop the whole nation and even foreign market, breed a brand, enhance product competition ability; Help justice black and the circumjacent non-staple food of the area taste whole nation of look for of company of distribute, production to purchase business, build deputy food then manufacturing company and purchase business efficient negotiated communication platform. Current exhibit meeting general collect to negotiate purchase, the product is revealed, information communication at an organic whole, become already ginseng exhibit an enterprise to extend the market, seek the optimal opportunity that the project cooperates, also become a help to purchase business to widen purchase channel, improve efficiency, reduce the optimal way of cost. 3, media support: Net of net of Chinese food industry, Chinese sugar spirits, China can exhibit food of web of food of net, China green, China to purchase associate of web of food of net, China, food net, grocer trade net, " industry of food of China and foreign countries " , " Asia-Pacific food industry " , zhejiang classics is inspected, food of new newspaper, China signs up for in newspaper of business of evening paper of river of broadcasting station of justice black TV, justice black, money, justice black, short for Zhejiang Province etc. 4, ginseng extend range: 1, wine kind, milkings, beverage 2, aquatic product, flesh kind, souse kind product 3, recreational food 4, dressing 5, health food, reduce weight kind of food 6, fastfood, convenient food 7, produce 8, tea 9, feed category other 5, , pay first, preferential exhibit surely " principle arrangement is exhibited. 2, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to fill in by the requirement " ginseng exhibit an enterprise to extend an application form " build company order, after signing by legal person, be faxed or mail to justice black encyclopedical exhibition serves limited company. 3, exhibit an enterprise to assure to join admit really, exhibit a cost deposit will be exhibited inside 5 weekday after affirming the watch is passed to the organizing committee (2000 yuan) be handed in or collect justice black encyclopedical exhibition serves limited company, the others money assembles company account in a month. 4, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to need to install those who exhibit a stage to need to offer application beforehand especially, extend an arrangement with " exhibit affirm sheet " to allow. 5, the overall effect that exhibits to assure to exhibit meeting cloth, the organizing committee has authority exhibits an enterprise to talk things over with concerned ginseng to exhibiting undertake necessary adjustment. 6, ginseng extend detailed rules and logistics service, the organizing committee will inform separately at before the meeting 20 days. 6, ginseng extend object and admittance requirement 1, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to must be manufacturing treatment enterprise, must report of licence of the business patent with lawful and valid hold, production, wholesome licence, qualitative check and certificate of food QS attestation, offer the photocopy that above card illuminates to the organizing committee. 2, offer detailed ginseng to exhibit product directory to the organizing committee. 7, extend meeting program: 1, cloth extends time: Came 23 days on November 22 2, the exhibition negotiates: Came 26 days on November 24 3, exhibit a house to open: 8: 30, 16: 304, remove extend time: 26 days afternoon 15: 00 afterwards 8, exhibit an expense: Standard of international of 3m × 3m is exhibited (double mouth is added receive RMB500.00 yuan) RMB5300.00 of house of domestic company A yuan / exhibit; B house 5000 yuan / USD800.00 of house of A of the enterprise outside extending a state yuan / exhibit; B house USD750.00 yuan / exhibit an indoor light ground: (do not offer any exhibiting to provide, hire since 36 square metre) domestic company 550 yuan / square metre; Foreign enterprise USD90.00 yuan / square metre exhibits a configuration: 3 are exhibited board, company lintel board, two pieces of a piece of conference table, campstool, shoot the lamp, carpet, flashboard twice. 9, organizing committee account: Open an account name: Limited company of service of encyclopedical exhibition of justice black city opens an account account: 1208021719100032402 open an account bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China a small local branch of Jiang Dong of justice black subbranch of a bank 10, the organizing committee contacts a contact: Phone of Xu literary talent: 137324233440579-85579808 fax: 0579-85579815E-MAIL: Taoyan888@163.com website: Www.guangbo-expo.com

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