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Fair of food of 2008 China International
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Time: 2008.12.23-25 place: China? Beijing? Countrywide agriculture exhibition sponsors an unit: Chinese trade hurried will be light industrial industry of food of industry branch China (group) company assist run an unit: Stimulative center of productivity of national food industry undertakes unit: Beijing numerous Yue stands proudly fair of food of 2008 China International shows exhibition limited company the area is close 20 thousand square metre, special setting " drink assemble area " , " green food division " , " area of characteristic of an ancient name for China " , " high-quality goods collect selects an area " , " show a region integratedly " exhibit an enterprise to build to join with distributors, agent, those who purchase business, consumer to undertake communicate and trading. During the meeting that feed rich, still will hold " beautiful wine appreciate and comment on " , " the brigade of green health " , " food of characteristic of an ancient name for China is exhibited act " activity of 3 big themes, with this assistance the enterprise establishs brand image, improve company product in consumer memory famous degree. Exhibit meeting and ginseng to exhibit business product to be in for promotion the influence of industry of domestic and international food, the organizing committee is in domestic and international while magazine of many 60 food and conduct propaganda of website of nearly 150 food are popularized, special in " Chinese food signs up for " establish color only edition " can exhibit economy " release information of the meeting that feed rich in time to the society. In the meantime, organizing committee editor published the meeting that feed rich exclusive journal, to several food company free deliver. We believe, fair of food of 2008 China International supports energetically in governmental orgnaization and of the enterprise take an active part in below, be sure is a supply and demand is revealed with the stage with trading grand meeting, will become an enterprise to be in more the rare opportunity that end broke through new record of sale, sprint 2008. Sincere this, welcome precious company to arrive at current provision fair, we will provide professional, enthusiastic service for you wholeheartedly! Ginseng extend range: ● wine kind: Alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice of liquor, beer, yellow rice or millet wine, bishop, fruit; ● milkings beverage: Juice of dish of dairy produce, beverage, carbonic acid beverage, mineral water, fruit, tea; ● farming by-product: Oil of tea, grain, fruit, bean products reachs other produce; ● green food: Have green food mark, organic food mark, wait without produce of social effects of pollution, natural, original unripe provision; ● flavors food: Makings of soy, sauce, eat vinegar, sauce, flavor wine; ● candied cake: Candied, cake, confiture, potted, convenient staple food, recreational food; ● health food: Tea of wine of functional sex food, nourishment, tonic, health care, health care. ● food raw material: Element of candy, gourmet powder, amylaceous, pigment, sweet taste, last agent, amino acid, citric acid, enzymatic preparation; ● food machines package machine: Food treatment, make, pack store carry, presswork, last the mechanical equipment of cold storage; Ginseng exhibit expense: 1, home postpones business: The standard exhibits: 9 ㎡ of 6800 yuan of ∕ is smooth the ground: 650 ∕ ㎡ 2, international postpones business: The standard exhibits: 9 ㎡ of 1200 dollars ∕ is smooth the ground: Contact of ㎡ of 120 dollars ∕: Miss Liu phone: 010, 51951827   of 51951826   51951828 faxes: 010, 51951829 network address: Www.cif-expo.comE-mail:fOod@cif-expo.com

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