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2009 China (Shanghai) international beer, beverage makes ability
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Phone: 0  of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of 21-34123466     sends a person: China of?009 of  of Ren of Le mulberry ㄏ (Shanghai) production technology of international beer, beverage and equipment exposition sponsor an unit: China of limited company of exhibition of business affairs of trade of the classics outside Shanghai of world rich group external association of economic company cooperation undertakes unit: Exhibition of Shanghai rich sea reveals Cong Yiwen of limited company Shanghai to change artistic limited company to support an unit: Wine of Shanghai of society of major of brew of Shanghai of Chinese brew guild kind tea of wine of tobacco of candy of Shanghai of monopolistic management board wine of Trade Association Shanghai kind committee of foreign trade of Italy of association of food of France of commerical department of consulate of current association France is Portuguese commerical department of consulate of Austria of commerical department of consulate of Spain of consulate commerical department Wu Kelan is versed in: In March 2009 12 - place of 14 days of exhibitions: Store of Shanghai world trade (Yan'an on the west road 2299) one, [postpone brief introduction of meeting market background] : Shanghai, have the area of vigor most as center of the most important finance of Chinese economy trade and China, its significant strategy position reachs economic radiant emitance, good commerce and investment climate, mighty economic purchasing power, make Shanghai becomes China's most significant beer drink consumption and promotion city without doubt. "2009 China (Shanghai) production technology of international beer, beverage and equipment exhibition " show entire program of production of newest beer, beverage and treatment, reveal include machinery and installation service, operation equipment, measure reach automation to control equipment, resource and environmental protection equipment, raw material, complementary makings, add auxiliary to wait. Reveal except the most advanced equipment, technology, professional seminar of Gao Shuiping also is the reason that draws the public figure inside numerous course of study. The seminar invited manufacturer of machine of beer of China and foreign countries, beverage and orgnaization of famous scientific research to come round to make a speech, discuss future of industry of beer, beverage to develop trend and enterprise to answer market strategy to wait for a problem, develop brand-new concept for company scientific research and development. Current personnel of industry of the professional beer that exhibits meeting general to invite world each country, beverage, "3 get benefit " , " Yan Jing " , " Li Bo " , " Qingdao " , " Hua Run " , " 100 power " , " raw power " , " Pearl River " , " Venus " , " Jia Shibai " , . "2009 China (Shanghai) production technology of international beer, beverage and equipment exhibition " offer direct contact to have the superexcellent opportunity that reachs potential client to the supplier, creat a capacious business affairs platform. The corresponding period is held: 2Exposition of bishop of the 4th 009 China International 2, [show an object] : ? Beer processing technique and equipment kind pull coal tub product line, Mai Zhisheng beer product line, easily to produce equipment and concerned installation service, blame equipment of facilities of alcoholic beverage production and concerned installation service, miniature beer and concerned installation service, bottle, pot is rinsing equipment, big batch is packed; ? Operate facility: Bucket, centrifugal and decant analyse implement, CIP system and conduit cleanness system, container, ferment reach bucket of memory canister, filter, connect, beer, small filter reach film to filter, pipeline system pump, a powerful person, other concerned equipment; Measure reach control system; ? Relevant equipment: Material of alexipharmic equipment, lab equipment, treatment, stick mark to reach the raw material that pack, complementary makings; ? Energy management: Air conditioning equipment, air reduces equipment, heating installation, frozen plant, reclaim equipment, water treatment equipment; ? Beverage supplies equipment: Sale of beer, beverage implement reach peddle carry out machine frozen plant, bottle washing machine, glass, automatically; ? Recycle of industrial safety, resource reachs environmental protection device; ? Producer goods reachs additive: Beer and Mai Zhisheng produce raw material, blame alcoholic beverage producer goods, enzymatic stabilizing agent, yeasty, fragrance and edible dye, beer and beverage; ? Relevant journal, professional orgnaization. 3, [exhibition characteristic and promotion publicize] : ? Much home newspaper and much home the press wait in city of domestic key province nonsked release exhibit meeting information; ? Through major of domestic and international much home media of website and much home style reachs relevant website to release exhibit meeting Logo and exhibit meeting information and link exposition government homepage; ? Through Lou Yu TV, bus moves TV station of digital TV, Shanghai, Shanghai only then the transmission agency such as TV station of the train TV of hair, each district, guidepost is publicized extensively; ? Through relevant exhibit can send entrance ticket of propagandist data, exhibition, invitation letter to wait undertake special invite; ? Through sponsorring, assist do, the file that supports an unit, conference, press conference and channel of subordinate orgnaization network undertake conduct propaganda. ? Later period passes the means of mail of straight mail, phone, fax, phone, network to contact global target to buy the home directly, offer to them join the ginseng that postpone business to exhibit information, feedback information to postpone business to each ginseng regularly, stimulative ginseng exhibits business and the communication that buy the home, exhibit the effect in order to achieve optimal ginseng. 4, [ginseng exhibit expense] : The standard exhibits establishment deploys include: Two carpet of 2.5 meters tall 3 face boarding, full shop, 100W shoot a piece of two the lamp, campstool, desk asking ask and electrical outlet of 220V/10A power source, lintel board submit a written statement to a higher authority is Chinese and English name; ? The standard is exhibited (3m × 3m) = 9m2 (double mouth is exhibited add close 20% exhibit a cost) ; ? Smooth ground (lowermost hire area is 36m2) smooth ground carpet, water, report, gas and special decorate administration fee to wait to calculate additionally. Level of store of trade of world of the Shanghai that exhibit a house is exhibited exhibit a standard to exhibit a smooth ground with smooth ground / square metre international exhibits area RMB22800RMB2280 home to exhibit area RMB9800RMB980 5, [assistance and advertisement] (if assistance advertisement organizing committee will offer whole journey ad,serve, intent enterprise can ask for data) : Cover of proceedings of a conferences / back cover 30000 yuan / exhibit field spray paint 20000 yuan (50m2 rises) 300 yuan / M2/ inside front cover of proceedings of a conferences of an exhibition period / 15000 yuan 3 / exhibit a scroll 12000 yuan (10m)4000 yuan / ticket of an exhibition period (card) invitation card 10000 / 15000 yuan: ? Accept an enterprise to seek advice with business sentiment, assist an enterprise to undertake postponing a selection; ? Exhibit an enterprise to offer free network conduct propaganda to join, organize and invite relevant personage to look around exhibit meeting; ? Offer join the manual that postpone business, detailed elaborate solve concerned ginseng to exhibit matters concerned; ? Company brief introduction and main item on display are published freely inside exhibition print; ? Offer exhibition to invite card, entrance ticket, seminar, ginseng to exhibit; of data of business manual, exhibition? Assistance is joined exhibit business to deal with exhibit a special design, cloth, hire is additional facilities of furniture, power, invite casual to make the matters concerned such as personnel, interpreter, formal young lady; ? Assistance is joined exhibit business to deal with freight, accommodation, visa, print to put an advertisement wait for each matters concerned. 7, [exhibit can seek advice] : Exhibition of Shanghai rich sea reveals limited company telephone call: 0086-21-34123466 postcode: 201100 mail: Gaofei162@126.com fax: 0086-21-54158951 contact: Gao Fei (gentleman) mobile phone:   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of 15901725661    

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