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Treatment of drink of food of international of Beijing of the 7th China and b
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] hold business chance, achievement drink of food of international of Beijing of the 7th China machines brilliant CIFIE-2009 to will come 11 days on April 9, 2009 with exhibition of the equipment that pack in Beijing ● China International exhibits a center to hold. Association of Chinese food industry and unit of numerous global authoritative medium will be participated in with all one's strength reach support is current exhibit meeting, what meet to exhibit is calculable it is important to spend and publicized strength to offer assure. The place of internationalization, well-known company all all declares one's views international, global high quality buys the home to gather together. Treatment of CIFIE-2009 food drink and bag furnish equipment exhibit the enterprise that will be industry of global food beverage to develop with development homeland and its neighbour market offer internationally communication and commerce platform. ] previous term or session is exhibited can review CIFIE-2008 treatment of drink of food of the 6th China International and exhibition of the equipment that pack exhibit a center to hold in China International, attracted in all come from domestic and international the ginseng of many 300 manufacturer of nearly 20 countries and area is exhibited, exhibit an area 12000 much square metre, audience makes an appointment with 13000 people. Among them abroad ginseng exhibits business to occupy 30% , abroad audience is occupied 20% . Ginseng exhibit business to basically come from: Area of and other places of Taiwan of Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Holand, Hong Kong, China, chinese mainland. A lot of well-known trademark enterprises are in in succession exhibit be like,appear on the meeting: Bone Mou Lao invades large bamboo hat of grand of Qu ⒊ ご to guide  twists  of owlet of chloric a mythical bird like the phoenix of  of curtain of a kind of sedge of join of  of ⑸ broadleaf plant to twist ⒛ to crack Gong  to twist ⒑ to teach at  ⒌ of lofty of Mian of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of be good at ⒌ annulus Qi balance! ⒛ fan  calls HI of rancorring  of two ⒎ Shang Meng, Kenuohua Mai Xiusi, Australia bay person beautiful accuses, Tianjin Yo starlight of broad wrestle of new, Beijing, Huadoumaohua, Beijing University, . Be in China and Asian area, the capital of domain of food drink machinery throws rapid growth. Here chance falls, CIFIE-2008 is depending on Beijing bright and clear exhibition to serve the experience that limited company organizes exhibition nearly 10 years, and of association of Chinese food industry support energetically. Brought the latest technology of industry of food drink machinery and equipment, for food drink machinery the industry offerred complete solution. ] why to attend CIFIE-2009 ◆ capable of the governmental orgnaization at having authority most sponsor with support ◆ has food of famous organizer and Beijing area brand to exhibit powerful consequence ◆ nearly 10 years to accumulate ◆ of formation powerful client natural resources and international top-ranking enterprise is the same as stage communication, those who increase a business is famous spend the major that with international competition ability ◆ knows a large number of high quality to buy the home, the market potential that ◆ of channel of wide expense carry out makes a person shake, exhibit an enterprise to offer capacious market space ◆ to pervade to join the propagandist offensive of orgnaization of many 130 of the whole world domestic and international strong medium, create more business chance] those who exhibit equipment of drink of food of China International of can relevant statistic to exhibit a course a few years is elaborate breed, already took important place in north, exhibit the meeting is annual grow with different speed, be dedicated to the forward position science and technology of food industry and technology, offer complete set solution for food industry trade. 2006-------20-22 day was in Beijing in April exhibition of agriculture of ● whole nation 1, 2, 3 houses are held, area 8000 much square metre, ginseng postpone business 230, recieve audience person to count 11360 person-time; 2007-------27-29 day was in center of Beijing ● China International exhibition in April hold outside a house and house, exhibit an area 11000 much square metre, ginseng postpone business many 280, recieve visiting number to amount to 12962 person-time; 2008-------3-5 day was in center of Beijing ● China International exhibition in April 5, 6, 7 houses are held, exhibit an area 12000 square metre, join the number that postpone business to measure nearly 300, visiting number achieves 13100 much person-time. 2009-------9-11 day was held in center of Beijing ● China International exhibition in April. ] food of ◆ of limits of item on display machines machinery, the food equipment that pack reachs his relevant technology, food detects examine the equipment of furnish of fill of ◆ beer beverage such as analytic instrument and equipment and relevant orgnaization, the gush code, machine that cover sign, CIP cleans a system, carry a system, brew equipment, beer beverage technological equipment; ◆ dairy produce machines equipment, homogenizer, milk packer and asepsis fill install equipment, ice-cream equipment, sterilization machine, milkings store motion equipment; ◆ flesh kind treatment butcher equipment, refrigerant refrigerating equipment, last vacuum-packed equipment, facilities of treatment of ◆ fruit vegetable, metal detects the equipment, material that pack reachs his relevant technology; ◆ baking facility, cake of cookie of moon cake biscuit produces equipment, of all kinds oven, convenient food, dressing machines equipment, galley equipment; Furnish of bag of ◆ oil and fat further processing has, coffee chocolate candy machines the equipment that pack, bean products machines the equipment that pack; ◆ packages facility, equipment of pulp moulding equipment, paper box chipboard, cup of carton, paper, heal, stick mark, systole to fill up packer, bundle up packer; ◆ medicine, health care is tasted, potted food treatment and bag furnish equipment; Equipment of ◆ plastic machinery, printing machine, plastic braid equipment, record model machine, make bottle of equipment that make jar, create an unit that boast a standard, plastic make bag of machine; ◆ business uses current device, hotel things, automat, stainless steel goods, pump of conduit, valve, gearshift transmission, instrument appearance, ] food of ◆ of target visiting group machines / beverage of ◆ of fruit vegetables treatment / wine / beer makes ◆ milkings / candy of ice-cream treatment ◆ makes ◆ butcher plant / carnivorous machines ◆ dressing / ◆ of food burden treatment packs / presswork factory ◆ package machine manufacturer chemical industry of ◆ daily expense / medicine: Report for duty cloth exhibits: In April 2009 7- - 8 days exhibit time: In April 2009 9, 11 days remove extend time: On April 11, 2009 afternoon 13: 00] ginseng exhibit standard of fee company property collect fees indoor light ground collects fees domestic company RMB8000 yuan / 9m2800 yuan / M2 (hire since 36m2) joint ventures RMB9600 yuan / 9m2900 yuan / M2 (hire since 36m2) foreign enterprise RMB13500 yuan / 9m21400 yuan; Indoor light ground contains indoor light ground the usable floor area inside exhibition period and use space, do not include a standard to exhibit a configuration. Activity and technology communicate every unit to all can sign up organization, communicate a theme surely oneself please, and with ginseng exhibit an application form to sign up for constituent unit along with all the others, so that reach early arrangement to communicate field and establishment, help constituent major audience. Every collect fees 6800 yuan of RMBs, (sponsor an orgnaization to offer the establishment of form a complete set such as field, lamps and lanterns, acoustics, desk and chair, boiled water and articles for use) . (attention: Decorate administration fee of unit spot construction to provide for oneself especially, a week before decorating a company to be exhibited in cloth especially arrives exhibit a house to deal with blueprint is examined and approve and sign safe responsibility book) ] join exhibit detailed rules 1, fill in carefully please ginseng exhibit application and agreement to the watch builds official seal to mail or be faxed extend an a week to 010-844043992, application inside will exhibit, exhibit a share of cost beyond money to ask on March 5, 2009 before paid. (note: Fax sheet of bottom of bank remit money please to constituent unit) ; 3, exhibit allocate a principle: "Apply for first, pay first, arrange first " , passageway corner is exhibited add collect 10% double-faced mouth fee; 4, constituent unit will be in receive after exhibiting an expense, send before March 5, 2009 " join the manual that postpone business " (define all ginseng exhibit formalities and note, include; Arrangement of visa, program, item on display is carried, the hotel is recieved, rent wait for item) 5, we will exhibit an unit freely on congress proceedings of a conferences to publish company brief introduction to join (inside 150 words) , come at the E-mail before March 15, 2009 or fax please congress organizing committee, the person that do not offer does not grant to publish (E-mail:bJslzlfw@163.com) ] other ad opportunity: ◇ cover: ¥ inside front cover of 18000 yuan of ◇ : ¥ inside back cover of 12000 yuan of ◇ : ¥ back cover of color of 8000 yuan of ◇ : ¥ title page of 16000 yuan of ◇ : ¥ full page of color of 12000 yuan of ◇ : ¥ black and white full page of 5000 yuan of ◇ : ¥ full page of character of 3000 yuan of ◇ : ¥ character of 1500 yuan of ◇ half edition: ¥ 500 yuan of ◇ invitation card: ¥ 8000 yuan / ticket of 10 thousand ◇ : ¥ 5000 yuan / bosom of 10 thousand ◇ gets stuck / condole takes 3000 yuan / 1000 ◇ sky waves balloon: ¥ 4000 yuan / exhibition period ◇ aerates arch: ¥ 18000 yuan / vanity of exhibition period ◇ / data bag: 4500 yuan / 1000] join please exhibit an enterprise to communicate contact in time with us, get newest exhibit bright and clear exhibition of meeting information Beijing to serve limited company / address of department of development of market of association of Chinese food industry: Dawn of area of Beijing rising sun on the west in armour B of 5 phoenix city- - 405 postcodes: 100028 phones: 86-10-84404867 fax: 86-10-84404399 contact: QQ of Miss Feng Qi: 451993078 (working Q) MSN: Bjslfengqi@hotmail.comE-mail:bJslzlfw@163.com exhibits meeting website: Http://www.shuanglangfood.com/jiagong/expo/

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