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Bishop follows resource to go -- visit Wu Kegang of president of cause of Yunnan
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“ economist ” is one of numerous honor of Wu Kegang, this makes his management and style of conversation some more academic origin. We are interviewed also speak of from academic level.

Wu Kegang says, he takes a risk in the “ that entrepreneur lacks to should have even when investment Yunnan is red idiosyncratic ” : “ China society relies on the personal loyalty between person and person for a long time obtain cooperation. Personal loyalty is not quite sensible affection, it is tie of a kind of morality. But now is a contracted society, it is to should rely on article, specific data, analysis to interact and cooperate, such social premise accords with red wine culture, red wine won't let a person lose reason, as wine it has gymnastical effect, so I believe the market of red wine will be bigger and bigger. ”

Can see, alleged “ does not have idiosyncratic ” of adventure, essence is reason of a kind of economy. He does not take mark king, also be disinclined to allow star acting word, because of “ (in that way) do not accord with vinous culture ” . He says: “ liquor is to follow water to go, water good wine is good; Beer is to follow the market to go, follow channel to go; Wine, bishop follows resource to go, resource is district and culture. ”

Yunnan is red once created ” of “ rocket speed, but he is very sober: Oneself master “ speed, this fast is fast, this slow slow ” . The means that he is not eager to using rapid growth makes the market expands quickly, conversely he has him optimal to sell position: With manorial all round be identical of grapy maturity area.

He is opposite 3 years two, even the ambition that 35 months are about to make a ” of national bishop “ Mu Jian lacks interest. “ rule should be observed, observe economic rule like us, like observing market rule, also want to observe the rule that brand of a bishop develops. ”

The career with red Yunnan is even outspread, yunnan is red at the beginning of building, stand namely those who issued “ to cultivate ” of hundred years brand is volunteer, besides present product and dimensions, wu Kegang made a more long-term program. He says, an industry itself is diversity, of their have sth in mind also be whole grape industry includes a grape to plant beverage of juice of seedling, grape, grape, bishop and grapy are used integratedly, for instance biology is used, chemical industry is used and to other way extend etc. It is OK that the grape is cultivated environment of zoology of protective natural environment, mountain forest, afforest; The grape still can develop delicacy to feed besides brew; Bishop has height wine, low wine of degree of wine, brew, distill. He says, grape industry space is large, have depth, red wine is an among them part only. Besides current red wine and grape firewater breed, devoting oneself to grape industry the research of other side works.
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