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Chile brings the edificatory of Chinese wine industry action
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If this asks Chinese land system the problem cannot be solved at all, chinese wine line of business wants him is impossible formidably. To a few big brewery of home, to retain the reserve strength that oneself can develop continuously, purchase land and vineyard only to his country, just be only outlet.

3. The industry that everybody can live and work in peace and contentment

Chile wine industry is the industry of a very healthy and benign loop. In Chile wine industry, everyone can work in brewery to oneself and feel almost satisfy and proud.

Study cultivates the student that comes out with brew major to be able to find satisfactory job, and learn use somewhat, they are active up, learn the most advanced professional knowledge on the world ceaselessly, in the practice that uses him brewery.

Their wage income is good also, the brew division with normally common brewery has the income of 3000-4000 dollar every months, and pay of director of export department door is controlled in 5000 dollars normally. The consumption of Chile wants than the United States and Europe low, a lot of rely on salary to be able to feed madam and 3-4 from personnel of course of study the child. Organic meeting communicates with a person of same business abroad or often be away on official business to to world each district Chile vinous place travels.

And the person that our home pursues bishop trade or difference pretty are big, it is study is cultivated above all with brew major a lot of people are not willing to go brewery works, even if go working, the ground that is use force mostly is too little, and can delay future, salary is too little, the brew division that learns brew to return from France also has the salary of 3000 yuan of RMBs only at most. This also wasted many talent resource really.

And the personnel that home is engaged in selling, cannot popularize bishop through proper education approach, the bishop that becomes oneself and entrance wine compete on character when, how is often knowing good.

Although also can make a few money, but do not see happily.

When do I talk about this first here, actually home agrees with the place that the grape cultivates is not little also, wine line of business also theres is no lack of talent, but as a result of a lot of reasons, we this industry has not entered the benign course that can develop continuously, although at present our industry is compared progress is much before, the character of wine also rose many, many enterprises also began to turn to the process of gent by the rogue, but comparative abroad a person of same business, we still very big difference, still having much work to want to do, have a plenty of manpower to be able to be accomplished, some criterion cannot, if the company that I consider us can be in the respect of own in one's power can try hard, if be in helpless place, might as well put eye overseas place of production, because China also will enter globalization period, the customer that adds this Chinese market also is in ceaseless maturity, relying on to succeed accidentally with false and inferior bishop phonily before is impossible to continue to in the future.
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