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Chile brings the edificatory of Chinese wine industry action
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· is cultivated and brew is comprehensive modern

Chile is the old world in new world, can say Chile vinous history is produced in new world wine the oldest in the area. Many brewery have the old tree of hundred years above. After 90 time, chile is cultivated and brewing technique is comprehensive modern. Chile wine industry wants than Argentine development early 10 years.

2. The land of OK and free buying and selling

Chile ground wide person is rare, land area has 756626 square kilometer, and population only 15 million the left and right sides, the population of a big city of China of be not a patch on is much.

The land of arable land is very much also, agree with cultivate grapy land very much also, many ground are used without development. And no matter you are Chilean or foreigner, want you to think you can buy land only, what buy the property that is land, can accede by the descendants, and land price is not expensive, if want,go with respect to my person that relies on a character to make a living the life there, can can afford the land of a few hectare.

Because land can be changed demesne, no matter bishop factory from some grapery, still be the grapery that fruit grower has, they for long-term interest, kind of very serious grape, any is opposite the grape grows advantageous thing their metropolis is done actively.

Later we see the current situation that sees Chinese grapery again, the farmer contracts the land of grapery, it is one small a small, it is very difficult to cultivate and manage skimble-scamble, add a farmer to plant brew grapy knowledge is finite, and land is returned from time to time change, this is typical smallholder economy, cannot compete at all with large-scale standardization agriculture. Even if land hire gives brewery, most also with respect to 30 years, and at this moment viny just was in prime of life, reckon the price after 30 years can rise to that degree very hard.

If say the grape is vinous essential, the land policy of that country will be Chinese vinous essential. If land does not change,make, chinese bishop should say to have how old development, that is idiotic nonsense. Change about land make develop with vinous, I once was in ” of atmosphere of ” Xin Tianxin also has in this one article had talked.

I feel the economy of ministry of our country thing is far apart, but western land is extensive, agree with cultivate brew grapy place not little also, if want to develop western, can change in land make on move think, be in for example bishop respect, the country can take one part land sell, set the utility of land and the policy that make a series of protection land, make land arrives capable to use in hand, can get be developed very well and be usinged, completely OK large-scale cultivate with mechanization, improve productivity. To the grape a such crops are told, science changes the character that dimensions is changed and standardization operation can make the grape keeps stable. Will tell to the lifeblood water natural resources western, also can reasonable use.
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