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Chile brings the edificatory of Chinese wine industry action
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Visited Chile on April 5 this year, returned Shanghai on June 7, last a period of time full the time of two months, can say Chile bishop and Chile wine industry had thorough knowledge, here, I want to talk about a few impressions of my individual, the hope can be right the effect that industry of our country wine can have to edify, that purpose of this article also was achieved.

1. Why to choose to go Chile?

More than a person asks me this question, why to go first Chile, is other country? I choose to go Chile has the following reasons.

· sex price compares first-rate country

Above all, china is a developing country, people's living standard is lower still, even if should drink wine, also be should with good in quality and cheap in price give priority to, overall the wine that produces area and country what will compare a whole world greatly each, chile is undoubtedly most the country that chooses first.

· taste advantage

At present Chinese to claret, say it is mature that everybody likes Chan Ning roughly, fruit taste is good, the full-bodied wine that drinks easily, add some domestic brewery to be entered early from Chile medicinal powder in the bottle that wine fill holds him sign, make the taste Chile of a lot of Chinese is changed.

The new world of · diversity produces wine country

Chile is a strip model country, the latitude that span is big, climate is more multivariate, this more Argentine than south Africa of American Australia New Zealand latitude spans to want big. Add Pacific big protect 徳 (the airy of two Leng Liang of Humboldt) ocean current and the Andes Mountains adjusts, make the climate change that the valley relies on a the Andes Mountains among mountain range of Chile seaside coast very big, arrive from the seaside normally the Andes Mountains, 10 kilometers climate meets every other different. This kind of climate is brew the bishop of a variety of styles brought up advantageous climate condition.

· brewery has dimensions

China is the person's much country, in every case wants make it brand, to vinous the quantity can have a demand, if be the brand that beautiful money makes place of business of European little wine, sell quite far from. And in Chile, even if the grapery that small winery has 100-200 hectare, medium brewery has 500-600 hectare, large brewery grapery area is in normally 1000 hectare above.

· values overseas market

Chile basically the bishop exit of 95% , majority brewery is exit model brewery, this makes Chile brewery right the attention that overseas market comparatives, any opinions that come from consumptive country can be paid attention to, want market need only, they are OK brew goes out agree with some country the bishop of consumer taste.

Advantage of · health care

Will tell to Chile, sunshine is too rich, especially the ozone of Antarctica is empty, summer ultraviolet illuminate is strong, ultraviolet ray is helpful for red grapy by force much more phenolic synthesis, so the phenol of the claret of Chile kind corporeal content is very rich, this is told to cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis have very good health care effect.
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