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Man wine is held sale job summary was met first half of the year 2007
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Wang Zongjie of group company vise general manager with “ same a platform, same dreamy ” made important speech for the problem, with respect to “ man wine of everybody, good wish 4 respects undertook the mechanism of scene, sunshine, collective target ” detailed elaborate, invigorated each ginseng greatly conference delegate and Lang Gong dance, sureness works, do all one can goes all out in work, finish the confidence of annual goal assignment and determination hard.

On the meeting, interest of state of Lu of company sale adviser is right the sale government that personnel attending the meeting had “ target quantifies administrative ” grooms, emphasize groomed sale target program, decompose, quantify, the content such as program of construction of assessment and businessman layout, brand, media, had very big help effect to the selling manager's routine and administrative job.

Session, director of general manager of each career department, provincial agency still parted to undertake to selling the work first half of the year the gender is reported summing up, to second half of the year sale job had detailed program.

General manager of group company Jiang Xianyu made summary sex speak to this second congress, he says, be the big inning that man wine develops quickly at present, we each colleagues face unprecedented opportunity, we should cherish this good luck, want eradicative “ to defend notion of ” of seat, slow progress, develop oneself acumen adequately, project of “351” of the wine that it is man is carried out smoothly make suggestions, accelerate pace to make man wine do greatly strong.

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