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Man wine is held sale job summary was met first half of the year 2007
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Came 12 days on July 9, summary of half year job met company of man wine sale to hope in Chengdu river guesthouse is held ceremoniously 2007. Jiang Xianyu of Wangjun forest president, general manager, the group company leader such as man brewery Factory director Yang Xianben, factory leader attends the meeting. Director of each provincial agency director, key market agency, city manager represents company headquarters, whole nation nearly 200 people attended the meeting.

On the meeting, wangjun forest president published the serious talk that inscribes ” of the grow into useful timber in competing for “ , wang Zong says, man wine is the high grade product that establishs 3 beautiful ” with “ the foundation, continue to produce the might effect of group of wolf strategies, carry out executive “351” project adamantinely to develop the strategy, make man wine progress one of liquor industry leader. Wang Zong returns the sale target that raised nearly 5 years: Finished 2007 1.1 billion; Finished 2008 1.8 billion; Finished 2009 2.7 billion; Finished 2010 3.7 billion; Finished 2011 5 billion. Wang Zong points out, second half of the year should be aimed at the problem that exists in the job and inadequacy, combine goal of company annual responsibility, faculty wants hearten spirit, sturdy confidence, pursuit outstanding, overtake top-ranking, want to liberate a thought, competitive enterprising, the starting point with higher base oneself upon, hold to higher level, realize rapidder development, achieve Lang Jiuxin again brilliant.

On the meeting, fu Rao of sale company general manager was done to working first half of the year review, put forward the overall train of thought that second half of the year works. Fu Rao says, as ” of project of man wine “351 start in the round, “ group the development of wolf strategy ” is begun, fly upwards in “ expression below the high density transmission that brand of ” of · China man publicizes, below the arduous effort of all colleague, wine market has man to lead and consolidate rate have relatively substantially rise, 2007 1 to in June, sales revenue achieves man wine again the history is new tall, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year grew 87% , the amplitude of product of series of safflower man wine that regards sauce as popular model among them is amounted to 175% , those who lead liquor new standard hold <> concurrently sweet model bridegroom wine amplitude is amounted to 81% , blessing man, flexibly amplitude of the aroma such as man product is amounted to 61% . Key market relatively the sale area such as centralized Guizhou, Heibei, Guangxi, Henan, Jiangsu, amplitude is relatively apparent, grow to all be in compared to the same period 130% above. When speaking of second half of the year selling the work, fu Rao says, each agency director must make clear a company wish scene target, adopt the method of effective, realizable sells establish phase sex target, make a right sale strategy and administrative target, develop him sale area effectively run. each the job serves as the process of a study, cherish time, modest study, the hunting, regularity that masters the job, push sale work ceaselessly.
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