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5 grain fluid quickens store of the flagship austral layout China
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For the liquor market share of Hua Na of further race to control, 5 grain fluid (28.13, - 0.37, - 1.30%) was accelerated upgrade the footstep of terminal channel. Recently, store of 5 grain fluid flagship open business. According to divulging, the company will quicken store of the flagship austral layout China, guangzhou leaves to major general give 4.

According to introducing, as Chinese culture revive, the market position be far ahead of liquor at other wine kind, the market is had rate also year after year rises. Last year, liquor appears on the market the company all is chased after hold in both hands.

Fu Zhong of undersecretary of ministry of general affairs of brand of group of 5 grain fluid expresses, hua Na area is the key area that 5 grain fluid sells, consumptive power is high, consumptive consciousness is mature. Sale of Hua Na division grew 30 % 2006, in the whole nation 8 large areas are ranked inside the country the 3rd. At present Hua Na area has two flagship store only, be in river door and Guangzhou respectively, next, the company will extend high-end liquor market of Hua Na energetically, quicken laid flagship store, be in Guangzhou to still will open a 4 flagship store.