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Foreign river blue is classical say so well to drink like people really!
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The sale situation of carry everything before it

Foreign river blue is classical and successful since appearing on the market, sale all the way violent wind rises, blue of foreign 2004 river is classical just guided 2003 on the foundation of the market, implementation sells 76 million yuan, implementation sale amounted to 280 million yuan 2005, grow 269% compared to the same period, classical implementation sold blue 2006 678 million, grew 396 million yuan compared to the same period, absolute value increased nearly 4 100 million, amplitude was achieved 140% . This one phenomenon is called to silver coin by industry the ” of “ blue storm of the river. This year 1-2 month, sale of classical only brand breaks through foreign river blue 4 ﹒ 100 million yuan, grow 284% compared to the same period, this is a growth rate that shows geometrical multiple. This speed created the myth that Chinese liquor only brand sells, what showed blue storm thereby is driving. 2006, the total sales with foreign river classical blue, already with than early the well lane that rolls out 3 years and country the amount of 1573 is close to cellar, in share of market of liquor of Chinese high end firm hold position.
Why be ” of “ blue storm, silver coin namely in a word river blue is classical the impetus that formed one clique flourishing to sell in liquor market, attack a city to unplug stockaded village, successively violent wind rises, countrywide each district has a lot of agency to contend for the situation of substitute business. blue of a lot of foreign river of brewery follow the lead of are packed classically, the wine that also says to already was developed oneself is continous soft model, follow suit take advantage of an opportunity. Actually, the continous soft tone that the core of storm of foreign river blue is foreign river and distinctive blue culture, foreign river blue is classical inheritance the connotation of culture of foreign river blue, gifted the concept with brand-new culture of foreign river blue, the culture of foreign river blue of innovation represented the history with foreign long river, represented the feeling with man big gain cup, represented new era ethos. Ad saying: The broadest on “ world is the sea, taller than the sea far is a sky, than the sky more the feelings that gain is big is a man. The rich connotation of ” refracts the philosophy that gives life, become people to like the element of another kind of core with foreign river classical blue.

Blue of the river that drink ocean is classical it is the identity symbolizes really

As storm of foreign river blue sweep across impetus, people blue of the river that drink ocean classical those who serve as a kind of identity is indicative, bring feel proud. The child marries and take an examination of on fete of party of the school, friend, client, business affairs entertains first selection foreign river blue is classical, blue of choice foreign river is classical meant a thing to succeed half, also be such in fact, foreign river blue is classical go to character is classical style from brand culture. On May 2, 2004, hu Jintao of chairman of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, state inspects guidance to Su Qian. When dinner, the secretary-general is in domestic and international numerous blue of foreign river of know clearly of the choice in a variety of well-known trademarks is classical. The secretary-general is taking foreign river blue classical wine admires: Pack very pretty good! Ask clerk “ blue to classical ” is He Hanyi again then, the clerk thought of foreign river blue is classical the feelings ” of man of ad saying “ , but because strain did not say,come out. At this moment, leader of municipal Party committee of old change of the Communist Party of China is written down to Hu Zongshu introduced foreign river blue in detail the concerned circumstance of classical wine. When the clerk foreign river blue when classical wine pour enters goblet, secretary-general end rises sampled praise after the mouth: Wine is very good! This lets people think of Zhou En of premier of found a state will had praised the sentence of foreign river yeast for making hard liquor in spite of oneself without Shang Rongguang's word of praise: “ wine still is foreign river is good! ” is current, classical complete set packs the foreign river blue after the secretary-general samples to be saved to be inside exhibition of foreign river group by precious ground. Late on April 26, 2005, leader of Jiangsu provincial Party committee is in Nanjing fete of golden hill restaurant the mainland ginseng that chairman of former China Kuomintang leads even fight seeks a group, the foreign river blue that the banquet uses is classical, got join those who visit round member to hand in a mouth to praise. The madam that join battle is taking even square 瑀 blue of a bottle of foreign river classical, admire at the same time, circle at the same time have fun at the culture intention that the ground questions blue of river of staff member concerned ocean is classical, let a staff member be she and chock of the chairman that join battle pour got on a cup, savouring slowly, visit, group of the chairman that join battle is classical to foreign river blue generated strong interest. Foreign river blue is classical regard Jiangsu as best liquor, released Taiwan brethren's strong countryside feeling not only, more harmonious also atmosphere of guest and host. In May 2005, taiwan kisses the Liu Can that Song Chuyu of civilian party chairman leads to seek a group, in cate of Nanjing master shrine the public house of building of Number One Scholar on a street sampled likewise foreign river blue is classical.
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