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Gallop on liquor market
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The boss that Shenyang contains golden trade limited company together is to gallop 3 people help the “ of Shenyang liquor market in recent years ” , pool of favour of Zhu Gang of 3 young young man, 2 Liu and Hou Kai are inside short time it is distribute liquor from transition of management network company, and the achievement of person of rake in arrogant, does recipe where?
Successful 3 big regulation summed up when Liu Enchi is summing up Tong Chengjin's successful reason: One, choose mature brand, shortened the process that the market breeds. The path that they chose to there is name quite in Shenyang above all is smooth 25 do a product to act as agent, decided “ makes terminal market first, exceed to business next outspread, march finally circulation market, exceed the sale train of thought that drives current ” with the hotel with business. Depend on “ path light the brand advantage of 25 ” , they established cooperative relationship quickly with much home public house, managing the time that enter town. 2, the sale group that has maturity, shortened the process that the market develops. Liu Enchi realizes just must introduce professional into the company of travel, going to mature big company to dig a person is the quickest method, the experience that these talent belts come over, big to market strategy helpful. 3, forefathers one pace, promotion serves quality, the stability that realized a network and faithfulness are spent. The lead that serves consciousness laid solid foundation for their success. At that time although Shenyang liquor competes intense, but sale form is very backward however, almost all liquor sale companies do not have after service consciousness. Tong Chengjin makes network company one's previous experience, have extremely strong service consciousness. At the beginning of the company holds water, they are fast person one pace, established after service department, maintain the communication with market a gleam of at any time.