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Old wine 2002
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The name of an article: Old wine 2002

Level: DO class Crianza: Store in brewery wine of 2 years, it is a year among them in cask old wine

Grape breed: Become by brew of breed of 4 kinds of rare grapes
1. Mu Erwei is spent (Monastrell) , the grape with bead small thick skin. Mu Erwei spends bishop to have flavour of powerful black grapes fruit and tannic acid taste, but the environment that need relies on warmth of the sea, summer with sufficient maturity, in Spain, admire Er Wei Du calls Monasitelai (Monastrell) , it is local wine makes main force of high grade and spirited vinous
2. banquet is pulled (Syra) it is classic red wine uses the prince in the grape. When complete maturity, as above black quality of a material is silky like tasting Nuo and full-bodied. Banquet is pulled is a kind of late-mature breed, colour and lustre is deeper, in warmth earthy if granite soil is medium,grow optimal.
3. adds Pulanniluo (Tempranillo) : The grape of a kind of opposite precocity, Pi Hou, it is the grape breed with rare Spain. Make the red wine facial expression that make deep, comprise beautiful, alcohol degree is not quite high.
4. Mei Luo (Merlot) is Boerduo's most welcome red grape breed, mei Luo welcome because it is early, fresh and tender,be and productive, can use a large number of wine to make delicate and silky wine. Mei Luo is in cooler place the way corp is growing is good, produce Bomeiluo most Feng Nong's most fine wine

Mu Erwei is spent (Monastrell) , 50% , banquet is pulled (Syrah)10% ,
The Lanniluo that add general (Tempranillo)30% , mei Luo (Merlot)10%

Brew craft: To ensure grape character, use manual means picked grape, and these grapes pass martinet even work platform is chosen, ability can be used at brew. After through oak bucket 12 months are fostered for a long time, save into bottle.
Sample appreciate: This wine colour and lustre comes from mature grapy natural colour and lustre. The sweet smell of wood is permeated with wine directly, the smell that brings harmony is experienced. The entrance, fruity, complaisant, rich, proper Chan Ning makes wine body lively and live. End charm is long and elegant, tine of the lip after drink stays sweet.

Edaphic condition: Contain the gravel soil of lime cliff and sandiness loam. Barren limy clay and hard rock, ground floor is limestone, it is particularly comfortable the edaphic condition that grows at the grape.

Drinkable proposal: Drinkable temperature 18~20 is spent, before the proposal is drinkable 1 hour opens bottle
Practical bake bake food, game, zhi person cheese and when compressing unbaked cheese, cooperate drinkable for beautiful