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Wo Ya
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Spain holds entrance liquor formerly

The name of an article: Wo Ya
Level: DO class new alcoholic drink
Grape breed:
1. Mu Erwei is spent (Monastrell) , the grape with bead small thick skin. Mu Erwei spends bishop to have flavour of powerful black grapes fruit and tannic acid taste, but the environment that need relies on warmth of the sea, summer with sufficient maturity, in Spain, admire Er Wei Du calls Monasitelai (Monastrell) , it is local wine makes main force of high grade and spirited vinous
2. adds Pulanniluo (Tempranillo) : The grape of a kind of opposite precocity, Pi Hou, it is the grape breed with rare Spain. Make the red wine facial expression that make deep, comprise beautiful, alcohol degree is not quite high.
Mu Erwei is spent (Monastrell) , the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of 50% the Lanny that add general (Tempranillo)50%
Sample appreciate: Fresh and relaxed feeling wants to become to the person pure and fresh impression, angry and abundant, of great momentum has both again elegant style, it is a wine with contemporary very move.
Drinkable proposal: Drinkable temperature: 18-20 ℃ , sober up time: 15 minutes of less than