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Golden prosperous wine kind the market: Red-blooded competition is intense
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On holidays, reunion kissing friend cannot leave a small cup small drink; The career often lifts a cup of photograph to celebrate when implementation of successful, desire; On all sorts of celebration, party little not toast each other... wine permeates a society to live almost each domains. As people consumption level rise, of all sorts of communication activities frequent with each passing day, and the grow in quantity of hobo, ab extra population, wine kind the sale of commodity grows continuously, variety is richer and richer, the consumption of people chooses to present diversity. High-grade liquor takes sale main aspect

As a result of sale channel each different, agency is numerous, wine kind commodity sale dimensions is very difficult exact count. Take the wine with market larger share according to a few kind agency is calculated, the our city's annual wine kind commodity sale is controlled in 100 million yuan.

"The liquor of my distribute, best when year sale has several ten million. The circumstance of each old hotel, market that reachs from understanding looks, golden prosperous wine kind commodity year sale exceeds 100 million yuan. " vacate Su Peijun of director of agency of prosperous of gold of company of food of line of business of the wine in case to say.

The share that says liquor to have from sale amount is heavy; On sale beer place holds proportion big; The sale of alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice of red wine, fruit and sanitarian wine although year after year is climbed litre, but in whole wine kind the place on the market occupies scale to still slant small.

Golden prosperous citizen comes from all corners of the land, folkway is honest, forthright drink of be apt to, wine kind the market is open and include the gender is strong, a variety of brand liquor have development opportunity. Traditional famous brand " cogongrass, 5, sword " (Na Chun of fluid of Maotai, 5 grain, sword) hold on sale " very preponderance " ; In relief river of Jin Liufu, clear intermediate wine also has very good sale outstanding achievement; Card of a small bay in a river is plain wine of the representing, the Xinjiang wine such as the low wine such as the Liu Laogen that comes from afar from northeast, old village head and Xiaoerbulake, small poplar has stable consumptive group. As a result of provincial aftereffect of small, development is not worth brewery dimensions, increase investment very hard in shaping brand process continuously, so provincial brand liquor has in the market " drink a brand one year " phenomenon.

The wine that occupy town kind data of statistic of bureau of control of merchandise, the our city has 5 alcoholic drink kind manufacturing company, among them liquor manufacturer 3, sanitarian wine 2, liquor year sale is 150 tons.

Differ with liquor market, on beer market, the Yellow River, Xi Liang provincial brand beer held 90% above share. Han Tianxiao of director of agency of prosperous of gold of Yellow River beer thinks, year of sale of the beer on golden prosperous market have more than tons 10 thousand.
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