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Sale of Olympic Games of wine look forward to enters a climax
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As the Olympic Games and incomplete the arrival of abstruse meeting, sale of Olympic Games of wine look forward to enters fervent phase. Leader of government of Guangdong provincial Party committee, province is amiable a few days ago interview the army group of Guangdong Olympic Games that come back winning high praise, as sole supplier and Olympic Games celebrated bishop of Beijing Olympic Games 2008 result wine, great Wall bishop and liquor well lane appear on this regale respectively.

The reporter learns, food wine line of business still prepared 100 pails in every pails of value bishop of 300 thousand yuan champion of Great Wall Olympic Games, current, collect carefully of wine of this batch of champion is in in the underground of Great Wall bishop that prosperous of Heibei of food wine line of business multitudes wine cellar, will by Olympic Games champion people with one's own hands open the envelop. And before this, qingdao beer rents the plane of the Olympic Games, with association of American profession basketball (NBA) the official market partner that signs long-term cooperation agreement to become NBA to be in China and NBA China appoint beer partner, hold in Gansu Province Dunhuang 2008 I am champion prize-giving ceremony.