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Beer industry summarized a report 2007
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Beer growth of home amounted to 14% above 2007, beer industry of China had entered accurate high speed to increase level, and as a result of domestic beer manufacturer ceaselessly integrated, ton of wine profit margin of domestic beer industry is ceaseless rise. The beer product that serves as daily consumable is facing the great opportunity that consumption upgrades.  
     is in what the group of a batch of large beer such as Qingdao, Hua Run, Yan Jing, Pearl River undertakes innovating independently carrying out to guide below, chinese beer the effort with hundredfold to sprint of world beer powerful nation.

     is changed as collectivize of Chinese beer industry, dimensions and of internationalization process accelerate administrative levels of competitor of Chinese beer market to be changed apparently gradually ceaselessly. In the region composition of industry of our country beer, the beer crop of our country basically distributings in Huadongde area, medium south area, China north area, northeast area. At present industry of our country beer is lying the medium, later period of integrated phase, level of gain of beer industry whole shows growth trend in adjust. Came 2007 2010, beer industry is faced with better development fortune: National economy grows to rise with what the city changes a standard quickly continuously, to the industry development created giant demand vacuum; Develop greatly western, revitalize the old industry base such as northeast area, promote mid rise abruptly and the significant progress strategy such as construction socialism new rural area, created new development opportunity for beer industry; Of global economy and process of area economic integration accelerate, resource, development market was configured to create a condition inside bigger range for industry of our country beer.

     China is big country of production and marketing of a beer, quantity of beer production and marketing ranks the world 5 years continuously the first, so that foreign a lot of capital is swarmed into in succession; But China is Xiaoguo of a beer, in the world the mainstream of a lot of countries consumes a place, people finds the form of Chinese brand very hard. Go up objectively say, chinese beer company is some closer year will obtain great progress. No matter wait for each respects from product, brand, market, have very substantially promotion. And as the market open further, participate in the requirement that internationalization competes, make domestic beer company right the brand that models oneself left time one time. Almost all the Chongzhongzhi that the Chinese beer company that has lofty aspirations and great ideals goes creation internationalization brand to regard his as development is heavy.

    2007 the beginning of the year up to now, beer barley price rises had exceeded 50% . China is country of production of the 2nd big beer, but the beer barley that regards beer industry as main raw material, count an import for a long time however. Developing those who form bright contrast flourishingly with beer industry is, the raw material production of industry of our country beer is placed however at abroad, 60% need to be imported from abroad to the beer barley of 70% , below the situation that rises in barley price violent wind, can be Chinese beer industry denied be risen in price to be pounded wetly by raw material? Barley rises in price 50% , does influence of cost of production of main to home beer have how old?
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