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What brand wine belongs to broomcorn wine?
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Sichuan brew since ancient times flourishing, element has " the countryside of renown wine " good name. Here food source is adequate, hill much water is beautiful, air temperature is appropriate, brew history is long, technology is distinctive, cause a wine times, sweet wave the four seas. The famous city of Chinese history culture of Sichuan southwest ministry -- , from tribute, ancient say " salt " , it is to be in China's well-known renown spirits more " U " word region, depending on advantaged environment, teem with high grade glutinous broomcorn. It is early more than 300 years ago, you Di of well-known poet land resides salt when the red wine that uses broomcorn wine to make to its is written " light yellow name brews He You to get, and in drunk cup amber red " . It is all previous classics craft of more than 300 years, exploration, salt breed went liquor of the typical faint scent with distinctive local color ditty " salt broomcorn wine " .

Antedate actually 1962, the government is advantageous development production, salt a lot of brewery of place build through the formal form of joint state-private ownership " taste company brewery from non-staple food of tribute town business " , directly under Sichuan saves wine kind monopolistic bureau unites production, allocate and transfer. Its " salt broomcorn wine " 1963 Sichuan province judges bender the first times to go up, had been saved by Sichuan appraise through comparison of first renown wine can criticize people government for name of high grade wine, obtained Sichuan to save people government silver medal.

Expand of dimensions ceaselessly as the enterprise, 1992 more be judged to be food industry by Sichuan province government 200 strong the 29th medium, be judged to be province quality to run advanced company for many times. And in May 2001, as the spring breeze of reform, falling from the guidance of tribute municipal government, already became first changing to make for collective joint stock company -- , Sichuan is saved from tribute city salt music brewery. Current, this enterprise with year increase by degrees the speed of 30 % develops, product also forward the brand is changed, the way of seriation develops.

Fist product " curiosa broomcorn fluid " the typical delegate that is broomcorn wine, use high grade broomcorn to be brew raw material, classics is age old cellar ferments, agelong old wine, the course is science of one a complete set of, distinctive, complete, rigorous immerse evaporate is boiled, saccharification ferments, the craft wine of distillation keep in storage is made and become, have wine system glittering and translucent and full-bodied, aroma is long, flavour is full-bodied, continous of mouthfeel faint scent is long, each flavour humorous is moved, proper, the distinctive color with wine comprehensive flavour, it is broomcorn wine truly kind in the product make classically.

"W & X " broomcorn fluid liquor 1963, mixed 1988 had the honor to win Sichuan to omit name of high grade product for many times 1990
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