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Alcohol is regarded as healthy killer all along
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Alcohol is regarded as healthy killer all along, however Bostonian a few days ago investigator says, wheaten beer can rise human body significantly vitaminic B content. Among them special plant class status can improve human blood condition.

To wine of be addicted to person, this is a good news undoubtedly: Well-known, alcohol is to cause liver intumescent, cause traffic accident, add an individual the culprit of bad record. Study a proof however, measurable and drinkable yeasty and wheaten beer (Hefe-Weizenbier) be beneficial to healthy, it especially sex of comfortable Yu Nan is drinkable.

Researcher discovery, yeast contains a large number of names to be hop element in the hop of wheaten beer (Xanthohumol) special material. And study according to medicine the expert says, hop element can eliminate inflammation, prevent rheumatism the tumour of painful, arthritis and even certain type. In the meantime, the researcher of Bostonian university discovers, a lot of males, the person that smoke especially, exceeding lack is vitaminic B. This will bring about anaemia to reach the sex that be short of iron exsanguine wait for undesirable consequence, its symptom is function of easy exhaustion, loop abate, attention is centered hard etc. A lot of food all contain vitaminic B, if banana, cabbage, green bristlegrass, fowl is mixed,suckle kind of goods to wait. However its content often cannot with beer, especially yeasty and wheaten beer places on a par. Bostonian university studies the expert says, "This kind of blemish of the person that the relevant material such as the hop element in yeasty and wheaten beer makes up for the male effectively smoke, adjust effectively vitaminic B content.

Same, besides B a group of things with common features outside the vitamin, the Yi Han in beer has a large number of folic acid. They can reduce the acid of the ammonia that be the same as Guang in blood greatly (Homocystein) level -- the loss that latter will cause pair of blood-vessel, increase the risk of miocardial infarction.

Generally speaking, the special material composition in beer can raise human body blood greatly fight oxidation ability. Body of drinkable later generations can intercept and capture poisonous oxygen freedom effectively base (Sauerstoffradikal) , defer cellular ageing and adipose oxidation thereby, reduce pair of hemal loss.

Of course, bostonian university Weisibadeng (Wiesbaden) research report of the doctor also points out: Beer alcohol can promote hematic current to connect, but bring about haemal clot possibly also. Accordingly, right amount ought to be drinking first principle.

Additional, summer drinks is knowledge more great. Above all iced beer temperature shoulds not be too low, otherwise not only influence mouthfeel, and the protein that can make wine fluid medium happens decompose, free, destroy nutrient part. Deposit the beer in freezer to should be controlled so come in 5 ℃ 10 ℃ , in beer of interval of this one temperature all sorts of composition coordinate a balance, can form optimal taste. Should not be next with bloat fume food in all eat. The plumbic content in the blood after drinking is met grow in quantity, with the organic amine in sootiness food union can produce a few harmful material. It is unfavorable of the previous night is deposited again. Summer temperature is high, open bottle of beer after to deteriorate easily, should follow bottle to follow drink, do not drink again after number hour, more after wanting of the previous night again drinkable. Unfavorable finally excessive, otherwise alcohol content grow in quantity, make the person feels the mouth does glossal dry instead, the whole body is calorific.
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