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Beer of high-end health care gets business affairs personage favors
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    of report from our correspondent manufactures by limited company of beer of pen of Qingdao one branch, american army division be good at the beer of new-style function sex of supervise the manufacture of of limited company of strange live thing- - be good at draft beer, the consumptive crowd that basically is aimed at is the personage of high-level business affairs of middleaged above, the market survey with comprehensive course and run, gained the favour of a lot of consumer.  
In last few years, although the sanitarian beer of all sorts of functions emerges in endlessly, but although beer of a lot of health care is playing the banner of sanitarian function, have the function that is less than health care however, for this, army division of limited company of beer of pen of Qingdao one branch and United States be good at limited company of strange live thing cooperates, the kidney empty appearance that after personage of current business affairs drinks too much, causes undertakes a task tackle key problem, try check and development through relapsing for long, a few days ago, a kind of beer that can carry raw ingredient of beer former juice to be able to change man kidney function effectively however was born, what man kidney function won't cause not only after this kind of beer cites is abate, instead can the function of aggrandizement kidney, can change a lot of in senile kidney empty, enuresis, impotent wait for the current situation.
Cao Xianbin of general manager of limited company of beer of pen of branch of     Qingdao one says, beer of this kind of health care chooses the high grade barley of establish of sow of former zoology environment and entrance hop, fermenting ginseng, medlar is added to wait in the process natural the plant active composition of filling kidney, combine technology of American advanced patent, ferment through long low temperature refine and become. A lot of part that contain as a result of beer itself place have sanitarian function, be like electrolyte, vitamin, polypeptide kind, phenol or ketone material, the assimilation that can promote human body and absorb, enhance haemal circulation, accordingly, suit to regard a function as the matrix of drink very much. Their union can enhance the effect action to human body more. As we have learned, the consumer that is aimed at as a result of this beer is medium personage of high-grade business affairs, the value is so relative taller, at present market price case is controlled every bottles in 15 yuan.